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About the Client

The client is one of the largest global specialty generic pharmaceutical companies with a presence in more than 100 countries.

Customer Challenge:

The client needed a distributed platform implemented on various tech stacks over time to be migrated to AEM. The objectives were as follows:

  • Create a marketing platform that consolidates solutions for content management, analytics, personalization, and marketing automation.
  • Migrate existing websites to the new platform.
  • Enhance efficiency through reusability and establish governance through workflows while allowing brands the freedom to define user experience.

Brillio’s Solution:

We proposed a phased rollout of the marketing platform solution, commencing with “AEM as a cloud service” as the CMS. The key solution aspects were as follows:

  • Develop a repository of reusable modules in AEM and migrate all 30 existing websites to AEM.
  • Implement a headless architecture to decouple the UI from AEM, providing enhanced flexibility.
  • Establish a multi-step content approval workflow to ensure compliance.
  • Define a standardized analytics solution using Google Analytics.
  • Automate content migration from the source system to AEM.

Business Outcomes

Overall, Brillio’s solution not only successfully addressed the challenges of migrating the distributed platform to AEM but also brought about substantial business benefits, including improved data insights, streamlined processes, improved time-to-market, enhanced user experiences, and significant cost savings, thereby positioning the organization for sustainable growth and success in the market.

  • Standardized Analytics Data Collection: By defining a standardized analytics solution using Google Analytics, the marketing platform was able to collect consistent and accurate data across all websites and digital assets. This standardization allowed for better data analysis, reporting, and insights, enabling the client to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing efforts effectively.
  • Regulated Content Rollout Workflows: The implementation of a multi-step content approval workflow provided a structured and controlled process for publishing content on the websites. This ensured that all content went through appropriate reviews and approvals, adhering to compliance guidelines and brand standards. As a result, the risk of publishing erroneous or inappropriate content was minimized, enhancing brand reputation and customer trust.
  • Enhanced Reusability and Cost Savings: Developing a repository of reusable modules in AEM facilitated the creation of consistent components and templates across websites. This reusability not only reduced development time but also streamlined maintenance efforts. Therefore, the client achieved significant cost savings in terms of development resources, infrastructure, and operational expenses.

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