Accelerating Time to Market and Boosting ROI through a Modern Analytics Platform

Catalyzing an analytics-led transformation for one of Europe’s largest credit management companies

About the Client

he client is one of Europe’s largest credit management enterprises, formed through the merger of UK’s and Germany’s former market leaders. The client leverages a combination of data analytics insights and robust risk management to provide expert solutions in debt purchasing, third-party collections, and business process outsourcing.

Business Challenge

With 8 lines of business across 9 different countries in the EU, the client inherited 500+ source systems that were regularly accessed by 3000+ users. The company wanted to accelerate bringing highly accurate and reliable predictive AI/ML models to market. In a growing industry with increasing credit risk exposures and frauds, it was critical for the client to foresee and minimize potential risks through effective data models at scale. The client faced various challenges, ranging from the lack of tools for self-service BI to high inefficiencies and costs with data management. To name a few:
  • Isolated and disparate systems/data sources, and an extremely high time (8+ months) required to build analytical models
  • Lacklustre cross department alignment on data processes, lack of roles and accountability for data management, and difficulties maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Lack of advanced analytics for data monetization

The Solutions

Brillio provided a multi-year roadmap for data transformation on cloud which addressed the current requirements, as well the client’s aspirations to become a self-serve analytics-driven organization, capable of leveraging enterprise-grade analytics models for business decision making. The solution was rolled out in a phase approach as follows:
  • A 4-week design-thinking led assessment of the data landscape with current operations and business aspirations.
  • The formulation of a data strategy for robust platform development.
  • The development of an advanced analytics platform leveraging Brillio’s solution
  • The implementation of a data management layer to maximize platform usability and ROI
  • BI & Self-service enablement for insight democratization
  • The enablement of a data scientist toolkit

Business Impact and Benefits

By implementing Brillio’s solution, the comprehensive data and analytics modernization endeavor resulted in a return on their investment of ~3.7x with a profit boost of $17 million. By leveraging Brillio’s implementation, the company managed to reduce the model development time from 7-8 months to 2 weeks, as well as lower the query execution time by 90%.
  • Better organizational fluency once the company had a complete view of its data processes, KPIs, and data governance
  • Reduced time to market for new models and products, with more than 50% faster onboarding for new data sources
  • Seamless regulatory compliance via a comprehensive data layer, with increased data quality, 70% reduction in data-prep time, and streamlined data management processes
  • Empowered internal and external users via ML-driven management engines, seamless integrations, and real-time data monitoring.

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