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Brillio Culture: Driven by Values

At Brillio, we have created a culture where employee values thrive and individual goals are encouraged. By fostering growth for ‘Brillians,’ we offer the kind of workplace where people want to be. We invest in you and your experience, which results in good outcomes for our company and our customers. 

Our core values, as outlined below, drive us and are embodied by all employees.

Brillio Core Values

Customer Success

Catalysing your career growth and success

With a diverse team of knowledgeable experts and those still honing their skills, we are dedicated to creating solutions for our customers that help them transform and outperform. We are unwavering in the quality of service we deliver, and our highly effective business strategies have resulted in numerous customer success stories that serve as validation of our unique position in the industry.  

We Care

Bringing respect & joy in everything we do

At Brillio, we are committed to bringing positive intent, respect, and joy in all our interactions – with customers, colleagues, partners and the community at large. We do this by building a diverse workplace that enables you to be you, nurture strong workplace relationships and build connections that accelerate your career and life goals. Our CSR program, Bringing Smilesencourages you to give back to the communities in which we operate. 


Empowering you to unleash your potential

Innovation, leadership, and ownership are the quintessential elements of our work at Brillio. If you have a vision matched by ambition, Brillio’s culture and environment will nurture it to its full potential. We encourage you to challenge the status quo with a ‘can do’ attitude. We support you in reaching and surpassing your potential by providing a culture and environment that are open, empowering, dynamic and future-focused.  


Enabling you to be the best you

Excellence is defined as greatness – the very best. We believe in bringing the best version of ourselves in everything we do, and we achieve this by continually preparing, researching, listening and learning. We continually push ourselves to understand market trends, new technologies and business challenges 

Brillio Bringing Smiles: The Soul of Brillio

At Brillio, “Bringing Smiles” is the soul of our organization and giving back to the communities we operate in is a fundamental aspect of our company culture.

We strive to provide equanimity in digital access and innovation by focusing on schools where technology education is virtually nonexistent and bridging the gap in STEM education.

“Bringing Smiles” reflects the conviction of our CEO Raj Mamodia, who says “To build a great company, it is not enough to just develop great products and solutions. We must also contribute to society.”

Brillio, broad employee engagement and partnerships with schools and nonprofit organizations around the world.

Read more about “Bringing Smiles” and how we nurture the imaginations of young people and democratize innovation and entrepreneurship.

Benefits of A Thriving Culture

To grow, you never stop learning. And, that’s the motto of all our learning programs that ensure we empower employees across the organization who have the ambition to become a leader and offer unique learning and development programs that align with our vision and enable us to spot and develop leaders across all levels and functions. 

Winspire: Women’s Leadership Program

One of the key goals we have at Brillio is diversity, not just by hiring more women but in providing a comprehensive plan for grooming talented women to pursue critical leadership roles in the organization. Winspsire aims to empower, educate, and energize women Brillians to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Evolve: Mid-manager Leadership Development Program

Empowering our mid-managers to take on next level roles, Evolve is a comprehensive development program that covers business, technical and personal leadership development.

Brillio EXCEL: Executive Leadership

This program focuses on strengthening senior-level leadership and developing employees’ leadership skills from the early stages of their career. EXCEL equips people with the necessary knowledge to take on leadership roles, no matter what career stage they’re at, and helps them become the leaders they are meant to be.

The Brillio Learning Academy

In our effort to create a continuous learning mindset and provide ‘re-skilling’ and ‘up-skilling’ opportunities, we partnered with two of the best virtual learning organizations – The Learning Council and The Tech-Learning Advisory – to develop the Brillio Learning Academy and provide best-in-class training content to Brillians to exponentially elevate their learning curve.