Business Consulting

Organizations often struggle to answer modern business intelligence questions: unclear BI strategy, no central reporting facility, and redundant BI tools lead to delays in getting crucial business insights, which result in missing out on potential revenue. Here at Brillio, we can help you define your Business Intelligence strategy that will lead you to uncover business insights not just about your customers but across your entire business value chain. Together we can improve your existing BI capabilities and provide you with COE-led delivery-focused teams to help you gain better control of your data effectively.

Design Thinking led Visualization

Are you struggling with your visualizations? Can your organization prepare data-rich stories that speak for themselves and inspire actionable decisions? At Brillio, we can help you transform your dashboards into rich & vibrant data-fuelled stories. Together, with the help of our proprietary data-led design thinking frameworks, we can enable you to gain a competitive advantage through delightful user experiences and amplify your brand’s identity. We have services that can give more meaning to your data by synthesizing them contextually to adhere to user requirements and business context.

Development and Implementation

Simplify your visualization strategy by standardizing it on one integrated platform. Leveraging our remarkable expertise across various BI tools and data-driven, design-thinking led approach we can help you develop tailored solutions which will provide answers to your specific business problems. Reduce overall implementation time with our in-house accelerators. Make your reports & dashboards available across platforms & devices to increase the productivity of your team.

Insights as a Service

With an extensive track record of developing solutions having customers and end-users in focus, we test & deliver accurate results with industry best practices for best-in-class customer experience. We provide hassle-free post-development with various service level agreements and options support to ensure our clients’ businesses are running smoothly. To maximize the adoption, we have developed end-user training programs and design thinking workshops for various hierarchies. Brillio also provides tools & platform administrations services.

Advanced Visualization

A well-portrayed picture is worth more than a thousand words. When it comes to business intelligence, AI-driven insights are the way to go. Brillio has developed in-house advanced visualization methods and accelerators that enable businesses to leverage insights faster. We offer services in areas such as search-driven analytics, ML-based data cataloging, automated insights generation, visual querying, and personalization & interactive visualizations.

Guided Analytics

We enable data scientists, business stakeholders & customers with various preferences and skills to collaboratively build, maintain, and continuously refine a set of analytics use-cases. Brillio facilitates user interaction, persona-based analytics, visual cues for better consumption, analytics workflows, and root-cause analysis.



Supply Chain 360

A comprehensive, industry-agnostic solution that covers key supply chain personas and their complex interactions. It simplifies the complexity of the myriad of planning tools involved in an SC ecosystem.


Revenue Acceleration and Assurance

A one-stop design-thinking led solution that enables personalized insights delivery to accelerate recognition and improve visibility across the enterprise. This solution leverages data-driven digital applications, customer prioritization & coverage models, and forecasting & planning.


BI Modernization

The business Intelligence process can be tricky and challenging, often leading to scarce actionable insights, a lack of self-service & timely reporting, and, when increasing the scale, compromised data governance. Brillio can help you build a future-proof Business Intelligence landscape with our reports rationalization, metrics & KPIs standardization, and user persona-based insights services. We enable you to create a scalable BI architecture that rewards your business with increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, faster use-case adoption, and cost optimization.


Analytics COE

We support Visualization Architects, Business Analysts, Visualization Engineers, Visualization Developers, and Programming Specialists via Brillio’s CRED & XO frameworks for designing striking visuals and solving real-world business problems. By leveraging a host of supporting accelerators on testing, natural language querying, data governance, migration reports & dashboards, we help a wide variety of clients augment their businesses and overcome challenges across different engagement models. Depending on the size & BI maturity of the organization, we offer flexible pricing and capabilities adapted to the customer’s requirements. Our analytics CoE model will elevate the BI maturity of the organization.


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Dhi is a natural language processing-based accelerator that can help you generate visuals using simple querying to get accelerated insights.

A machine learning-based report rationalization tool that consolidates your existing reports and dashboards, retains useful features, eliminates redundant parts, and helps you develop new KPIs so you can solve your business challenges faster.

A Design Thinking framework that leads clients through a lean persona-based approach to solve business problems.

Plan, design, rationalize and optimize the migration and modernization of reports, visuals, and various application workloads with agility, accuracy, and transparency.


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Sandhya is a seasoned analytics professional with a keen interest in helping customers drive the adoption of big data, business analytics, and AI. Her deep experience in crafting roadmaps for digital solutions and data / AI products for sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain functions enables a quick and agile monetization of enterprise data. She has handled complex and diverse business portfolios across multiple customers and regions with P&L and people management responsibilities.



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