Redefining the Engagement Models for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) through Personalized Marketing
Rishav Raj August 10, 2022

Considering the current evolving path to healthcare marketing strategy, digital marketing now plays a central role when it comes to capturing the interest of prospective segments be it patients, physicians, or any healthcare professionals, and getting them through the door of the medical practice. Perhaps even more importantly, effectively reaching professionals today requires targeting specific segments with highly relevant, customized messaging. Confirming this point, according to a recent survey1, “75% of consumers want personalized ad experiences and offers, and, unsurprisingly, this approach typically generates 10x as many clicks as more general campaigns”.

Transforming the conventional healthcare professional (HCP) engagement model has become increasingly important. Following are some of the reasons which have made this inevitable in today’s scenario:

  • Shift towards virtual as new normal and fading face-to-face interactions due to the pandemic with HCPs
  • Rising field force marketing costs with print-based visual ads and so on
  • The shift of HCPs towards online communities, social channels, discussion forums, and so on for instant access to knowledge and a personalized approach (to connect with peers and researchers, and to stay on top of the latest treatments, drugs, and clinical studies)

The above-listed reasons are pushing biopharma companies to look at other marketing channels to enhance product reach and sales. Thus, presenting an opportunity to fundamentally realign their strategy and adopt the next-generation HCP engagement model using rich, interactive, personalized, and targeted content, based on their needs.

Our Solution

The urgency and importance of personalized engagement have only grown through the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting the shift and openness towards the adoption of the next-generation HCP engagement model leveraging advanced analytics engine and solutions capable of ingesting structured and unstructured data from multiple sources across the HCP value chain. Below are a few use cases of when and how the HCP data should be captured by the platform across the value chain:

  • Marketers leverage data that allows seeing a breakdown of what individual procedure a physician does so that he can gain deeper insights into potential product usage by the physicians and based on that insight marketers will make a niche communication to them
  • Real-time knowledge of physician mindset, journey, market, role, and specialty helps the marketers/sales professionals to have a more effective product demonstration, training sessions, and proctoring sessions
  • Having insights on physician’s social media engagements and how they are engaging helps to improve MedTech firm’s social media strategy to increase their engagement rates
  • Sales professionals understand the contract or pricing options of a product applicable / already available to a physician or know the physician’s product purchase history so that he can narrow down offerings relevant to his interests and provide a seamless selling experience to the physician
  • Creating a cross-channel, cross-functional model so that the marketers can understand the impact of digital touch points on a physician and how the touch points work together throughout the physician’s journey life cycle
  • Capturing the voice of physicians and integrating and operationalizing them throughout the physician journey life cycle, in turn, improves their experience and increases sales

The automated ability to collect, manage, and present all this data is essential for gaining an HCP 360° view, managing 1:1 personalized engagement, orchestrating interactions by channel, and achieving improved commercial insights.

AI & Analytics engine uses this data collected across the HCP value chain to cater to the needs of dynamic micro-segmentation, precise targeting, and provider network analysis. Hyper-personalized professional experiences to be created by leveraging ML capabilities providing critical insights into the HCPs’ behavior & preferences, delivering customized content, including drugs and devices detailing, latest research and innovation, upcoming campaigns, patient assistance programs, and so on, and finally enabling a feedback loop for insights-driven decision making.

The next-gen customer engagement requires an end-to-end integration with different systems in place including CRM, digital asset management systems, salesforce cloud, and patient engagement solutions, to improve overall organizational efficiency.


With the next-gen HCP engagement solution, pharma companies can see significant benefits:

  • Enhanced HCP engagement: A well-established long-term relationship with HCPs through constant and highly targeted communication with a better response from traditional face-to-face calls and a 50% increased chance of getting leads and appointments through AI-optimised content2.
  • Increased revenue: A well-designed & AI-optimised marketing campaign for HCPs can help increase the marketing outreach exponentially. Additionally, it also allows for avoiding high costs linked to in-person meetings with physicians or other decision-makers, thus streamlining marketing & sales expenditure.

But these goals can only be accomplished when pharma companies start to move their engagement models toward personalization of content, channel, and time of delivery and take pilot efforts in implementing these. With in-depth healthcare sales and marketing knowledge and expertise, Brillio is uniquely positioned to work along with healthcare enterprises globally to deliver such an integrated HCP engagement solution.

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Rishav Raj

Working as a Consultant for the Product & Platform Engineering practice at Brillio, Rishav has over 5 years of industry experience in consultative selling & solutions for global clients to drive revenue growth through digital transformation projects. Experienced in developing technology POVs, GTM strategies, and emerging tech use cases.

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