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Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

Our Statement

A strategic partner in future-proofing banking, insurance, asset/wealth management and capital markets, Brillio guides our clients through a complex regulatory environment, while meeting the increasing demands of their customer base to provide a seamless digital customer experience via hyper-personalization, localized digital experiences, improved identity verification, and cross-platform services. Amidst rising economic pressure exacerbated by a saturated competitive landscape, we turn disruption into advantage driving scale, stability, efficiency, and profitability at speed.

Executive Spotlight

Our approach is simple: help our clients imagine new ways of doing business, bringing their vision to reality by rapidly delivering tangible outcomes. Leveraging our domain expertise and culture of engagement, we’re on the cutting edge of helping our most-regulated clients modernize.

Navneet Narula
Global Head of Banking and Financial Services, Brillio



Commercial Banking

Helping banks leverage rich insights to innovate customer engagement, driving banking and credit transformation decisions that monetize credit mismatch risks.


Consumer Banking

Leading the industry with new age digital banking, catering to the ever-growing spectrum of retail customers. Enable scalable revenue models through intelligent automation, and debt collection optimization.


Capital Markets

Re-imagine business models to stay relevant – driving competitive advantage through groundbreaking information strategy, amidst managing capital, risk, and regulations. To expand value streams and revenue at speed.



Streamline operating models, increase profitability, and provide personalized, premium CX, staying ahead of regulatory and compliance implications.



Open Banking

Unlock Innovation and Compliance with Our Open Banking Solution: Unleash the Potential of Open Banking APIs with Unparalleled Security and Regulatory Compliance.



Leaping forward with the cutting-edge integrated payment experiences that enable new revenue streams. Mitigate risk and fraud, delivering secure, seamless experiences that drive bottom-line impact.


Real Time Payments Adoption

Implementing real-time guardrails, using W3C standards for an innovative payment mechanism


Data Driven Banking and Pricing

Driving the ‘Segment of One’, enabling hypersonalization, and increasing assets and revenue through an AI driven data platform


Omnichannel Transformation for Members

Enabling seamless channel hopping, internal collaboration and a 360-degree view, increasing intent-rich micro moments for the members with our cloud communication platform in parallel

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