What We Do

Brillio along with Digital Asset leverages DAML, smart contract technology that removes internal and external barriers with a privacy-first framework. This enables tracking and authorizing of every workflow step

  • Increase operational efficiency and eliminate data silos with a smart contract layer that sits across multiple applications, extracting and connecting data that can be used in repeatable workflows
  • Bring products to market faster with developers focused on solving actual business problems instead of tackling overheads of traditional technology and infrastructure
  • Future-proof applications with a purpose-built framework for multi-party management that can integrate workflows inside your enterprise boundaries with those with other enterprises, thus transforming the end-to-end business process.
  • Create new opportunities with a privacy by design framework to dramatically reduce costs of compliance and create automatic audit trails through DAML smart contracts

Our Solutions

  • Mortgage backed Securities
  • Smart trade platform for derivatives
  • Clinical trials for Pharma
  • Impact platform for CSR
Our Services

/Value Discovery

Brillio will perform a detailed assessment on your relevant applications and ecosystem to explore the appropriate use cases for implementation resulting in contextual solutions and improved value

/Rapid Development

Brillio will help you to Design, Develop and test a scoped proof of concept or full scale – secure, compliant and truest Enterprise grade DAML applications on all major platforms (Microsoft Azure, Hyperledger, AWS) at an accelerated pace

/DAML Integration

Brillio will help you deploy your DAML applications and also choose the right infrastructure to meet your requirements that can speed up your time-to-market

Let’s create something amazing together!

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