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Our partnership with AWS unlocks the next generation of enterprise digital transformation solutions backed by the world’s most preferred Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Together we have worked to restructure and reshape billion-dollar enterprise IT operations into modern and agile digital infrastructure operations.

Our combination brings together a mix of cross domain functional expertise, deep technical experience and a powerful public cloud technology to create  a strong foundation for your enterprise digital initiatives like app modernization, big data, analytics and enterprise application migration.

What We Do

An integrated strategy of Plan, Build, and Run supported by automation to fulfill the cloud enablement objectives of enterprise digital transition. Complementing it is a vast service portfolio that encompasses the entire suite of AWS products & services like EC2, Lambda, DevOps, K8 Containers etc.

Brillio commands a diverse set of proprietary IPs that applies automation, analytics and AI capabilities through the entire lifecycle right from planning, execution, to operations management. Our differential digitization offerings deliver multi-pronged benefits beyond the universal cost and agility advantages of AWS cloud adoption.

Brillio Services and Solutions
Powered by AWS

Cloud Services

We offer a full spectrum of cloud services that includes advisory, implementation, migration, and managing day to day operations of enterprise workloads both on public and hybrid cloud environments.

Digital Infrastructure

End to end lifecycle management of digital infrastructure of mobile apps, social games and IoT enabled apps to elevate and evolve customer experience (CX).

Platform Modernization

Move your enterprise suite and other business apps platform to AWS and modernize them by extending their capabilities to work with modern digital world services and technologies.

Big Data and Analytics

Cost effective, low latency, scalable and on demand solutions for running enterprise wide big data and analytics environment on public and hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Success Stories

Transitioning data center to AWS for a true digital customer experience.

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Managing mission critical cloud infrastructure & operations for a digital media property.

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