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Global Brands Rely on Brillio to Accelerate Digital Initiatives

Brillio is an ideal partner for forward looking companies that have a burning desire to be back in the driver’s seat. They are enterprises looking to push past industry standards. They want to bridge the gap between customer expectations and their business using technology. They are companies that are no longer responding to trends but creating trends.

1 We are Comprehensive Change Agents

Raj Mamodia, CEO, discusses how Brillio focuses on proving a concept and identifying the impact on business process before adopting solutions for scale.

2We Focus on the Method, not the Tool

Board Member and Managing Director of Weld North discusses how digital transformation is about a series of iterative steps that need to be tested often and quickly, not simply about implementing emerging technology.

3We are Wired for Speed & Agility

Raj Mamodia, CEO, shares how Brillio has been wired for speed – what does it mean and how it is impacting customers’ digital transformation.

4Our Technology is Global & Scalable

Brillio’s global teams stay ahead of the technology curve, test emerging technologies, and define solutions that will accelerate the business impact for customers.

Global Market Disrupter with a Personal Touch

The concept was not new, but the philosophy was: Provide top businesses with a global resource for market-capturing digital transformation without neglecting the human interaction.

“I’m impressed that the team is not simply attempting to improve customer satisfaction but instead, to surpass expectations”

Brillio specializes in leveraging emerging technologies like analytics, security, cloud, mobile, and machine learning. It uses this technology to create “sticky” new customer experiences, to achieve surprising cost efficiencies, and to quickly deliver innovative solutions.

Brillio was awarded for applying its customizable analytical solutions across key organizational functions such as marketing, sales, new product development and supply chain of consumer-focused companies.

The Brillio “Bringing Smiles” initiative has touched 15,000 lives and is on its way to impacting 100,000 children. Bringing Smiles fosters career development and STEM skills in underserved communities around the world.

CSR Excellence Award 2017 : Brillio won the CSR Excellence Award for Best CSR Project of the Year in the Information Technology Sector.

National CSR Awards : Brillio won the Best Education Improvement Award at National Awards for Excellence in CSR and Sustainability

Board of Directors

CEO of Brillio

Raj Mamodia

John Livingston, CEO at Verve Industrial Protection

John Livingston

Director, Board of Directors
Chairman of Collabera and Brillio

Hiten Patel

Chairman, Board of Directors
Senior Vice President, Technology, Salesforce

Phil Mui

Director, Board of Directors
Managing Director at Weld North LLC

Adam Klaber

Director, Board of Directors