Unlock the power of your data with our ML solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Leveraging GCP’s robust infrastructure, Vertex AI’s integrated tools, and BigQuery ML’s seamless model training within your data warehouse, we provide scalable, secure, and cost-effective insights. Our solutions streamline the entire ML lifecycle, from data ingestion to real-time predictions, enabling rapid, data-driven decisions.

Brillio’s GCP-based ML capabilities help businesses predict customer behavior, optimize operations, and personalize experiences. Our unique advantage lies in delivering end-to-end AI integration with unmatched scalability, security, and efficiency, empowering your business to innovate quickly and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Fuelling Success: Our Powerhouse Capabilities


Service Trend Intelligence

Enhance productivity and enable self service for IT operations, production support & end users by infusing intelligence into ticket classification and recommending next best action.


Capacity Planning & Optimization

Optimize operations with a capacity planning tool that helps production team balance capacity. Use it to make changes to master schedule and adjust capacity for maximum efficiency.


Network Optimization

Optimize and streamline your last-mile delivery by identifying the best routes from transportation hub to customer, enabling efficient planning and significant cost savings.

Transforming Business: Our ML Use Cases


Demand Forecasting​

Increase forecast accuracy for improved profitability with better root cause analysis using our state-of-the-art model optimization framework, revenue forecaster and profitability optimizer.


Fraud and Anomaly Detection​

Protect your business from fraud with our ML-powered anomaly detection. Utilize interactive dashboards for compliance tracking and automation systems for detecting non-conformity and ensuring security.


Patient Journeys​

Ensure seamless patient journeys with optimized provider mapping, ML-based disease predictions, and Q&A services. Identify the right doctors, predict future diseases, and improve healthcare continuously.


Model Efficacy​

Ensure model efficacy with continuous ML Ops tracking metrics, automated training with cross-validation, and advanced tuning frameworks like grid search and Optuna for optimal performance.


Right Pricing​

Achieve over 90% accuracy and granular elasticity analysis with demand prediction models and price optimization algorithm. Leverage interactive dashboards with algorithm backed UI.


Customer Segmentation​

Enhance your marketing with fine-tuned cluster analysis, algorithm-based consumer profiling, and flexible predictive segmentation models for future insights and strategies.


Customer Lifetime Value​

Boost CLTV prediction accuracy with integrated customer data management and real-time monitoring. Utilize our segmentation engine, churn predictor, and cross- & up-sell recommender for customer-level CLTV calculations.


Campaign Effectiveness​

Maximize campaign ROI with our ML and statistical models for testing, measuring effectiveness, attribution, customer insights, and omnichannel data unification.


Customer Propensity​

Enhance conversion rates and reduce churn with AI-powered propensity models to predict likelihood to engage or purchase across the lifecycle. Garner real-time insights to drive personalized engagement.


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