The Value We Bring

Unleash the scalable computing power of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to enhance your infrastructure and elevate application streaming services. Leverage Brillio’s simple, secure, and cost-effective solution with concurrent pricing and a flexible pay-as-you-go model to seamlessly migrate, develop applications, establish a fully managed, secure environment, and optimize server performance. Efficiently manage end-to-end implementation and maintenance of environments and applications for maximum efficiency.


Navigating Success: Explore Our Expertise

Infrastructure Optimization

Optimize licensing and reduce overall infrastructure spending through cost-effective solutions. Gain an efficient roadmap to upgrade existing infrastructure. ​

Access Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

Leverage Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely access desktop applications remotely, ensuring fortified app and data security, automated patching, and enhanced governance. ​

Enhanced Security

Efficiently manage migration by seamlessly addressing potential security vulnerabilities through IT governance, risk, and compliance enhancements. ​

Iterative Migration

Secure a robust and seamless shift by ensuring the migration to stable platforms is iterative and rapid with minimal downtime and business disruptions. ​

Service Catalogue

Enable application teams to consistently achieve governance & compliance requirements through a comprehensive Service Catalog kit for AppStream 2.0. ​


Unlocking Value: Discover Your Benefits

Unleash the full power of Amazon EC2
Refine your infrastructure
Optimize server performance
Ensure cost-effectiveness
End-to-end implementation

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You define the north star,
We pave the digital path with AWS

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