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We Are Brillio. Born of the digital age in 2014.

Brillio is laser-focused on turning technological disruptions into the advantages that our customers need to thrive in today’s digital economy.

We are a leading technology advisor and digital transformation partner

Built upon this dedicated foundation of full digital capabilities and combined with a fresh new organizational culture that truly understands its clients’ business challenges and opportunities. We continue to believe this pure digital situation fluency, combined with unwavering customer focus, and proficiency with our methodologies and tools truly sets us apart.

And while our journey has been relatively short, Brillio has become a compelling force in the industry and a significant partner for many of our clients. Brillio is a leading technology advisor and digital transformation partner that already works with many Fortune 500 companies.

Our Core Values

Our culture is driven by Brillio’s Core Values and it is the foundation of who we are as an organization. We equip and empower our employees to push boundaries with an ‘Entrepreneurial’ spirit as they craft ‘Customer Success’ stories. With our customer-centric approach, we deliver ‘Excellence’ at every level of our collaboration and this is what fuels Brillio’s growth story. While we are proud of our journey so far, ‘We Care’ about our customers, employees and the community where we thrive in. We strive to stay committed to lighting up 100,000 young minds through our CSR efforts.


Recognized one of the 50 Best Firms in India for data scientists to work for by analytics India Magazine

Great Place to Work®️– Certified™️ in USA & India

Microsoft Commitment to Community Award of Bringing Smiles, a flagship social impact to provide a hands-on stem education to underserved communities

Recognized as a one of the achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in North America

Silver Stevie Award for Great Employers

IBDA Awarded Brillio as India’s best In-house Design Studio 2022, 5th year in a row.

Management Team

Raj Mamodia

Chairman, Founder & CEO

Vishal Chhibbar

Chief Financial Officer

Vivek Kwatra

Chief Revenue Officer

Camie Shelmire

Chief People Officer

Sandeep Rane

Chief Delivery Officer

Robert Painter

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Berler

Managing Director, Head of Global Business Development

Nicolas Jabbour

Head of Product & Platform Engineering, Digital Infrastructure - Americas

Chander Damodaran

Chief Technology Officer

Shiv Pathak

Corporate Development & M&A

Pallav Garg

Chief of Staff and Lead for Strategic Initiatives

Board of Directors

Raj Mamodia

Chairman, Founder & CEO

Jennifer Harris

Independent Director

Robert Sell

Independent Director

Alan Wexler

Independent Director

Samonnoi Banerjee

Bain Capital Board Member

Pavninder Singh

Bain Capital Board Member

The Mighty League

Our unprecedented growth is fueled by our people and we are firmly committed to support developing our mighty middle management, “The Mighty League” into future leaders. The Mighty League is our highly aspirational middle management team that is the powerhouse behind our success and brings a very diverse set of experiences, capabilities and the zeal to fuel our growth. The Mighty League represents our young leaders who are Inspired about everything, Committed to create impact and Invested in achieving more

83000+ Children Supported

1200+ Volunteers

720+ Public Schools

37500+ Volunteer Hours

Across India, Romania and the United States

I truly believe that by exposing underprivileged children to disruptive technologies early in life, fuels their imagination and in turn democratizes the innovation and entrepreneurship process.

We must also contribute to society.

Raj Mamodia
CEO, Brillio

Our goal is to provide equality for students in terms of digital access and innovation. Our focus is directed on schools where technology education is virtually non-existent. Brillio’s CSR programs are designed to bridge the gap in STEM education, which are driven by Brillian volunteers.

To be able to reach out through education and trainings, we are happy to fuel young minds and get them started on their dreams and goals for tomorrow!

Brillio actively contributes to SDG- 4: Quality Education, SDG 5: Gender Equality, and SDG 13: Climate Action. Sustainability is an integral part of our company culture and the soul of the organization. Brillio is supporting quality education for 100,000 children worldwide. Our India offices are already Carbon Neutral, and we will become Carbon Neutral worldwide by 2025. We are committed to bringing gender equality at the workplace, and our first milestone is to achieve 30% women employees by 2022.

Abhishek Ranjan
Global Head - Sustainability

What’s Happening at Brillio

What’s Happening at Brillio

June 17, 2022
Brillio Earns 2022 Great Place to Work Certification™
January 11, 2022
Brillio Names Jennifer N. Harris to Board of Directors, Marking Its First Female Board Member
December 20, 2021
Brillio Acquires Cedrus Digital to Strengthen their Digital Transformation Service Capabilities in the Healthcare, and Financial Services Industries
November 10, 2021
Brillio Acquires Standav to Become a Top Salesforce Enterprise Sales Transformation Provider

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