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what we do

develop : insights-driven differentiation

We develop data-driven strategies that reveal differentiation for the establishment of an enterprise grade analytics organization.

Brillio customizes business intelligence engines that use real-world analysis for a competitive edge

Our data and analytics team develops data-driven strategies that reveal differentiation. And we bring the people, processes, necessary partnerships, and our proprietary accelerators together to expedite value realization for you.

Our Process


The Result?

Some of the most advanced, award-winning transformations are taking place as we partner with customers to build enterprise-grade analytics that accelerate their competitive edge.

Problem Discovery

We work with you to evaluate the data and analytics maturity of your organization, aided by the ARI (Analytics Readiness Index) framework, to determine the best-fit solution that will meet your goals.

Insights Consumption

Brillio’s Insights Consumption services enable faster design and development of user experience (UX) dashboards by deploying accelerators and frameworks that improve information accessibility and self-service for users.

Analytics & ML

Brillio’s advanced analytics solutions move beyond passive, descriptive analytics by leveraging proactive, predictive analytics. We do this by deploying our Analytics Engines coupled with a Data Scientist Toolbox that provide solutions for critical business functions such as forecasting, pricing analytics, voice analytics, visual and image analytics, to name a few.

Data Engineering

Brillio has developed proprietary frameworks and accelerators to Design, Build, Operate and Optimize data engineering from architecting and implementation of big data capabilities to migration of traditional data applications, storage to cloud, data cataloging, metadata governance, and security and privacy.

Supply Chain Optimization Solution Suite

Brillio’s Supply Chain Optimization Suite is an automated pre-integrated stack that enables what-if analysis and cost modeling that allow supply chain teams to be strategically proactive about decision making. It addresses all aspects of supply chain challenges such as identifying warehouse locations, maintaining serviceability, designing an ideal production mix, inventory management and procurement while saving costs and time.

Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Solution Suite

Translate big data into insights, and insights into meaningful business decisions with lasting impact by optimizing your marketing ROI, return on sales and maximizing profit. We help our clients solve critical business challenges at the front line by making every touchpoint an opportunity to engage through personalized and seamless experiences across the customer journey on all channels.

Visualization as a Service

Brillio  enables faster development and deployment of data visualization while also resolving challenges like non-standardized KPI definitions and the lack of documentation or standardization in existing report development.  The service, developed from years of experience, includes ready to use templates with intuitive plug-and-play features.

Deep Learning-based Visual Analytics

Gone are the days of time-consuming manual intervention for image processing. Brillio’s solution enables the extraction of rich information from videos and images for categorizing and processing to create personalized recommendations for customers.