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We incubate emerging technologies and innovative platforms that speed digital transformation.

Brillio Accelerates Digital Transformation With Proprietary Platforms And Custom Applications

Brillio’s customers receive additional advantage in every engagement when the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) is leveraged. ATG is our in-house innovation and emerging technology incubation center. The team is continuously tracking market trends and identifying opportunities for technology to accelerate our customers’ market advantage. Basically, we demystify emerging technologies.

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What We Do

Innovation & Incubation

Innovation Strategy & Ideation

Trends Spotting

Incubate & Expand

Co-Innovation Labs

Enterprise Consulting

Architecture Vision & Blueprinting

Business Re-engineering

Application Rationalization

Migration – Planning and Road-mapping

Technology & Innovation

IT Investment Roadmap & Transition Plans

Product/Tech Evaluation & Build vs. Buy Analysis

Technology Governance Forum

Technology Benchmarking

The Result?

Emerging solutions that push the boundaries of business as usual.

Auto-Grid Balancing Using Blockchain

The energy and utility industry is at a place where innovation is paramount for longevity. And Blockchain has enormous potential given the amount of data managed and the distributed means by which it is collected and shared. Leveraging the Blockchain platform to balance the demand and supply of electricity is leading the establishment of a new dynamic for the industry.

Smart Procurement Using Blockchain

Procurement is an area for most businesses that can contribute largely to the reduction of costs. By leveraging Blockchain in procurement, we can integrate stakeholders, ensure security and tamper-resistant information sharing, and simplify the complex process of vendor identification, evaluation, documentation, declaration and delivery.

Smart Lending Using Blockchain

Introducing Blockchain into the mortgage industry is having a significant impact on cost reduction and processing times. A mortgage that once took 40 days to process can now be processed in as little as 5 days. Blockchain is being used to seamlessly connect all the stakeholders involved in the lending process in one platform to make it swift and easy.

Track and Trace / Provenance

Even the latest technology advancements have not eliminated counterfeits injection and stolen products in the Supply Chain industry. But with Blockchain the provenance of goods from its origin to the customer can be logged in the immutable shared ledger and then retrieved anytime for verification.

Intelligent Search Using Deep Learning

Rapid increase in data has resulted in an overwhelming amount of information on biological components and their functions such as cell, tissue, disease, drug response, and more. Researchers need a solution which can help them capture, analyze, visualize, and predict the heterogeneous data at scale. Our solution for Intelligent Search combines the Real-World and Genomics data so researchers can correlate, map, and store the complex relationships among heterogeneous data.

Brillio Accelerates Digital Transformation With Proprietary Platforms And Custom Applications