We Care: Today and Always

The health emergency that we are faced with in India is regularly testing our resolve; the pandemic has served as a lesson on the power of human will and collaboration, as we continue to fight. Brillio is here to support our employees and their families. Our thoughts go out to those who have been affected and to those who have lost loved ones. In times like this, we continue to lean into Brillio’s core value of ‘We Care’ to ensure that health and safety remains at the centre of our covid response mechanism.

Brillio is providing the following support to ensure our employees health and safety remains a priority:

  • EAP mental health and well-being sessions
  • Grief counseling sessions
  • COVID-19 Community group for local information
  • We Care Fund & COVID-19 leave donation
  • Vaccination drives

The impact that the pandemic has had on the communities in which we live will be felt for years to come, long after vaccines have been administered. Today, nearly 10% of the global population is affected by a mental health related condition, whether that is through personal experience or that of a loved one, and that percentage is likely to increase in years to come. As an organization that prioritizes the well-being of our employees, Brillio strives to ensure that our approach to wellness is comprehensive and that all employees are empowered to start the conversation regarding mental health.

With that goal in mind, we are proud to announce that we have joined fellow leading employers and influential thought leaders in becoming a member of One Mind at Work. One Mind at Work is an employer coalition dedicated to implementing a gold standard for workplace mental health. Their objective involves combating stigma, improving access to treatment and prevention services, and fostering a psychologically safe culture. They offer valuable resources that one can utilize according to their needs.

Most working adults spend nearly a third of their lives at work, so addressing mental health in the workplace is imperative to ensure that you and your colleagues stay resilient, healthy, and productive. We encourage you to read more about One Mind at Work and the coalition’s collective priorities at www.onemindatwork.org. As we work to drive progress in this space and improve the way our organization perceives and addresses mental health, we welcome Brillio’s ecosystem to join us along this journey.

#We Care and continue to stand in support of our team and those in India

Let’s create something amazing together!

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