Customers Speak
But Do You Recognize The Tone?

Gain in-depth customer insights and augment better experiences

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Big Data For Business

Know your customer with insights from complex & unstructured data

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Your ears on the aisle

Analytics solution to understand the true voice of your customer

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Stay One Step Ahead with Brillio’s Customer Intelligence Platform

Convert mere voices into meaningful narratives, recognize behavior patterns, personal needs and wants, obtain feedback in real-time, build loyalty & gain business edge. Partner with us & catalyze customer insight across (structured & unstructured) data, wire into our decision making systems and measure impact to leverage innovative business strategies, operations, product development and communication. 


Why Voice of Customer?

Predict customer action and drive change

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is at the heart of sustainable success. Capture and decode customer sentiments and response to business products and services with comprehensive and intuitive insights from Brillio’s Voice of Customer.

What we do








Early warning
Business intelligence
Real-time monitoring



internal sources

Emails, surveys
recorded call data
IVR, chat, web

external sources

Social media blog
Product review sites

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Campaign management
Product adoption
Online conversions
Business health scores
Brand perception & loyalty

How do we make it happen?

Age-based identification

Speech, keyword/text-based sentiment analytics

Proprietary Natural Language Processing

Omnichannel online-offline data analysis

Pattern/location-based analysis

Enterprise feedback management

Social media & customer forum monitoring

Sensing casual drivers via transaction & social data

How do you gain competitive advantage?

Diverse business operations

By accessing untapped data augmenting unique customer experiences

Strategic decision making

By going beyond ‘what’ and answering the “why”

Lasting customer loyalty

By understanding customer narratives & offering timely action

Unique product development

By gaining real-time insights, enabling customized offering

Improved marketing policy

By measuring impact and predicting customer action

How are Our Customers Doing?

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