The Internet as the New Corporate Network

Brillio has adopted a “zero-trust” model for the post-pandemic world

With employees working remotely, they have become prime targets for cybercriminal activity, as personal Wi-Fi connections and devices are not as strong and protected as corporate systems. If this is not addressed, globally dispersed workers could be soft targets for hackers. At Brillio, we have gone to great lengths to make sure our remote workforce and client work is not compromised.

The endpoint is now the employee’s virtual office. Brillio’s security team has shifted its focus towards the protection of “Brillians” globally from a myriad of attacks such as email phishing, web attacks, malware/ransomware, and password attacks.

Part of the strategy involves re-architecting our cyber security approach to a “zero-trust” model,to continuously validate user identity and device health using MFA and conditional access before granting access to corporate resources.

Advanced Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is being leveraged to bring stringent security controls at the endpoint. This enables the business user to safely browse and thwarts ransomware and zero-day attacks. Email channels are reinforced with threat protection technology to defend against advanced spam, spear-phishing, malware, and spam attacks.

VA/Red Teaming

Staying ahead of hackers is a daunting task for all enterprises as the attack surface changes continuously due to rapid cloud transformation.Manually keeping track of dynamic attack surfaces is next to impossible.It has become vital to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to gain visibility into how hackers view your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Brillio has been working with one of the emerging players to continuously evaluate its Attack Surface Management (ASM) and digital footprints to identify security vulnerabilities and perform Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART). Brillio performs continuous and active assessment of its public infrastructure, applications, and digital footprint on the web including surface web, Deep/Dark web, GitHub repository, exposed databases, cloud storage, code leaks, exposed credentials, risky cloud assets, and open ports. 

Brillio has also increased its investment in the cyber security awareness of its employees. The security program aims to impart security awareness training and education to employees using multiple methods continuously. Gamified, engaging content and phishing simulation exercises are conducted to enhance situational awareness of employees resulting in better cyber resilience and hygiene.

Visualize Security for Dynamic Decision-Making & Continual Improvement.

Enterprises invest heavily in security tools and solutions which generates a huge number of events that are usually fed to SIEM solutions to gain enterprise level awareness. Brillio’s Data Intelligence Solution takes this one step further, by harnessing the data from various sources and SIEM to continuously evaluate cybersecurity behavioural analysis and visualize key risk indicators for individuals.

Visibility to attack partners empowers decision-making to fortify security controls and customize education and training programs to be targeted to specific vulnerable areas.

The new way of working demands businesses to be as agile and resilient as ever before. We want our customers to know that when they are working with Brillio, their solutions are being protected by a best-in-class security strategy–and mindset–that is supported globally by every Brillian.

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