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Product Strategy and Launch

Brillio delivers an end-to-end Product Strategy for its clients, from competitive intelligence to product launch, from segmentation and value propositions to pricing and everything in between. We enable our customers to understand both their competitors and their own business model, providing support in establishing the right goals, financial forecasting, and business cases. Brillio tailors and delivers a complete go-to-market roadmap and identifies the KPIs, key features, and metrics needed to reach the business goals. We provide seamless product lifecycle management by closely analyzing the lifecycle stages, product performance, pricing strategy, as well as identifying the right markets and opportunities.

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Customer Acquisition

Through data-driven segmentation and tailored business strategies, Brillio enables its clients to deliver amazing personalized experiences with immersive messaging and storytelling, which lead to significantly improved customer retention & growth, and sales effectiveness. Thorugh our cutting-edge design thinking approach, we help our clients optimize their digital properties, identify the right acquisition channels, and improve brand awareness. By leveraging channel and customer advocacy strategies, we help our clients build sustainable relationships with their customers.

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Enterprise Product Development

Brillio enables its clients to accelerate their digital transformation by migrating from monolithic to microservice-based applications, ensuring faster development capabilities, as well as providing leading expertise around low code platform implementations. Brillio can help you manage the entire value stream through platform development with future-proof architecture that enables agility to change. We help our clients uncover the full benefits of their digital transformation by shifting from legacy ecosystems to platforms that focus on value, speed, and quality. We enable enterprises to meet business demands efficiently and develop products that bring immense value to their customers.

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Anything as a Service (XaaS)

Supported by advanced analytics, cloud, and smart automation, Anything as a Service (XaaS) models combine on-demand software with infrastructure & business processes to provide modular, scalable, and consumption-based solutions. Brillio helps its clients align IT processes with business strategies, build SAAS platforms using modern architecture and cloud-native capabilities, implement advanced automation, fast-track platform development or migration with reusable components, and leverage analytics to generate insights about products & services.

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MarTec Platform Implementation

Brillio helps organizations orchestrate meaningful conversations with their audience by providing multi-channel customer experiences via marketing management solutions, commerce solutions, and customer care solutions. We enable companies to intuitively engage with their customers by leveraging customer science and operational intelligence. Through technology transformation, we help customers implement omnichannel experiences, immersive digital environments, as well as creative & branded content. We accelerate change and deliver enhanced journeys, efficient ecosystem integration, advanced programming, and save aging portfolios by redesigning & following business-driven architectural patterns.

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Channel Management

Brillio provides the right combination of digital technologies to address any channel management challenge imaginable. We deliver personalized UX and streamline operations through artificial intelligence, predictive insights, and deep learning. We enable our clients to leverage cognitive assistants by implementing timely notifications, smart task delegation & continuous monitoring while also achieving incredible mobility through omnichannel communication and unified messaging. Brillio helps its clients improve their channel management with cutting-edge technology, providing offline access capabilities, including for wearable devices, seamless omnichannel experience, and support data-driven decision-making with advanced AI capabilities with virtual assistants such as chatbots.


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I am extremely delighted with how this project has come together and the progress we have made. The scope of this project is broad, impacting all customer interactions across all engagement channels.

Kirk Millet,
SVP, Sales Operations
Move Inc.

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