Take control and predict price elasticity with ease: Brillio OptiPrice

Predict outcomes and estimate price changes with high level of accuracy with Brillio OptiPrice. We use econometric and network effect modeling to estimate price sensitivities and control for all major internal and external factors. 

Evaluate volume and shares sensitivity to price changes, and cross-product dependencies to model different scenarios to predict volume, financial and share outcomes accurately with Brillio OptiPrice.

What can you do with OptiPrice?

  • Monitor dynamic competitor prices
  • Respond to changing consumer and competitor behavior
  • Determine price elasticity
  • Capture competitor influence
  • Build a simulator to predict optimal price corridor and create short-term and long-term pricing strategy
increase in revenue
  • Identifying items where we can take price with least amount of volume and margin impact across the portfolio, and estimate optimal price points
  • Identify items where price investments can pay-off within and after accounting for net portfolio impact
  • Build stringer loyalty within customers and the channel by ensuring a more consistent and relevant pricing architecture
margin improvement
  • Fixing margin problems derived from sub-optimal pricing points
  • Balancing mix within portfolio through pricing reconfiguration to optimize total portfolio performance

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