Intelligent Enterprise

Enable Accelerated And Predictable Outcomes Across Enterprise Functions


Intelligent enterprise solutions partner with clients to convert the data deluge to a true opportunity and enable intelligently, informed decision-making. We build platforms like enterprise data lakes, ML / AI platforms, self-service analytics solutions, and identify data partnerships that can deliver various solutions – Personalization, Intelligent Sales, Consumer Insights, Intelligent Automation, and Smart Assets. All of our solutions are designed for the following three principles:

1. Human-like experiences leveraging the power of AI
2. Delivery at scale bringing together the best of Brillio technologies to deploy on your cloud or integrate with your front-office systems
3. Design for adoption using our change management framework to transform the decision-making process

Enterprise Data Lake –

Achieve faster time-to-value with a product-led approach

Brillio’s enterprise data lake solution approach promises accelerated time-to-ROI. We design for user personas to ensure the data lake offers tools and features which enable adoption. We architect for escalating concerns of security, compliance, and ethical usage of data.

Our Data Analytics Synchronization and Harmonization (DASH) framework helps to craft the data strategy, platform architecture, and implementation roadmap all with a view of the total cost of ownership for the program upfront. Our approach to establishing Ingestion Factories help to accelerate the journey. During implementation, our data governance framework ensures that we handle data quality, data reconciliation, compliance and security, data catalog, and lineage with a view of seamless usage in the future. Our Data Operations Model allows us to gradually move towards a zero-ops model and effectively manage the cost.

Self-service Analytics Transformation 

Self-fund transformation to insights and data science

Many enterprises still spend millions of dollars ineffectively on manually churning out reports on Excel or sustaining reports on legacy BI platforms. Brillio helps them to transform into a service BI model and leverage the ROI through transformation and gradually move the needle to deliver business insights and predictability with data science.

Our Data Analytics Synchronization and Harmonization (DASH) framework helps to rationalize the reporting requirement for automation, define the platform architecture, and change management strategy for the transformation. We bring our experience to help define the Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) operating models that suit differing needs across various organizations. The CoEs drive change management and transition to the Insights Factory as the automation charter take off.


Design for the segment of one at near real-time

The holy grail of personalization requires knowledge of data science and big data to come together. Our Campaign Personalization Solution (CaPS) is a data science solution designed to build micro-segments. It offers banks the best-suited recommendations for each micro-segment at the right time based on the KPIs the marketing / product teams are trying to improve. We bring our big data expertise to ensure that this solution can run in near real-time for a combination of millions of products and customers.

Intelligent Sales

Deliver an actionable, predictable path-to-revenue

Managing sales operations require effective management of pipeline, channel partners, enablement of sales personnel, and proactive management of CSAT / NPS. Brillio brings together its know-how of customer engagement platforms, big data, data science, and visualization to deliver solutions that improve opportunity scoring, sales forecasting, and partner fund management. Our natural language processing (NLP) lead solution, -Artemis, helps mine proactive insights about CSATs and provide white-glove services leveraging typical dark data like call center transcripts and product feedback.

Machine Learning At Scale

Adopt machine learning at enterprise scale

To date, machine learning (ML) has been run as heavily invested, siloed experiments in many organizations. Platforms and technologies have evolved to run them as an efficient pipeline. Brillio’s framework helps build data science approaches that scale with feature stores, a choice of algorithms that fine-balance the need for accuracy, scalability and interpretability. Our open-source lead accelerator for ML operations ensure that these models are built for sustainability with model lifecycle automation. We also bring together tools to enable data scientists with reduced friction points to access data and a change management approach to build a brand for AI strategy in the organization and drive adoption.

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