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Brillio reaches 10000 young minds through technology; aims at empowering 100000.

At Brillio, “Bringing Smiles” is the theme of our global corporate social responsibility initiative, and it takes many forms, from fostering career development and STEM skills with underserved young minds in India and the United States.

Launched in 2015, Bringing Smiles combines financial resources from Brillio, broad employee engagement around the world, and partnership with schools and nonprofit organizations. More than 500 of Brillio’s 2,600-plus workforce have volunteered 7,000+ hours of their time to the effort. 

The primary focus of Bringing Smiles is to prepare young people aged 10 to 16 in the United States and India for careers and life in a digital-centric, entrepreneurial, and disruptive world. We have reached more than 30 schools and impacted some 10,000 children so far.

A strong corporate social responsibility effort is a key part of the Brillio culture. In fact, the workforce has pledged to donate 100,000 hours of their time to CSR programs by 2020 and, ultimately, reach 100,000 students.



Brillio’s initiatives are all employee-centric. Recently we conducted an internal survey amongst the millennial employees asking about the three things that inspire them to be a part of Brillio. Undoubtedly, CSR was amongst the top three. This is mainly due to the inclusion of the employees in our initiatives and challenging them to strive better. Volunteering is recognized a great deal in the company, and takes a structured course.

To give you a perspective on the numbers, 7000 volunteering hours have been clocked to date and impacted 10000 young minds. Brillio recognizes its employees’ efforts through various reward-based programs. One such example is our ‘Hike and Smile’ initiative at Brillio, which encourages and rewards our top 10 employees based on number of hours volunteered; with a fully sponsored mountaineering/hiking trip

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Bronze Stevie Award for CSR Program of the Year – American Business Awards, 2017

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Best CSR Project in IT Sector, 2016 and 2017

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Runner-up : Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2017 in the philanthropies category

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Finalist - 2016 NHRD CSR Showcase &
SHRM India Excellence in Community Impact Award


Ever since our inception, in 2014, our vision was to build an organization of not just talented technology-leaders but also informed and responsible individuals. Our “Bringing Smiles” initiative is the all-round theme for our global corporate citizenship programs. We also recognize that understanding our environmental impact is key to our business sustainability. In 2016, we began expanding our current agenda to also incorporate our environmental impact. Our strategies, risk management practices and internal policies are undergoing a transformation to reflect the same.

We are internally building a robust EMS approach and have adopted a 100% cloud-based approach to all our internal IT requirements, aimed at addressing our energy consumption. We are committed to building sustainability through sensible governance and economics, with a strong focus on community and the planet. Keeping this in mind we developed our Corporate Sustainability Policy. Brillio’s “Corporate Sustainability Policy” expresses our commitment to incorporating a robust social and environmental agenda into our business beyond just legal or regulatory compliance.


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Brillio Corporate Sustainability Policy

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Brillio Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (Global)

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Brillio Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (India)

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Brillio Environment Policy

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