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Brillio empowers industry leaders and key decision-makers to change the course of business, re-write global strategies, expand overseas, penetrate new markets, or bring about change management. Our data and analytics team develops data-driven strategies that reveal differentiation. We bring the people, processes, necessary partnerships, and our proprietary accelerators together to expedite value realization for you.


We Do

Data Analytics & Strategy

Analyze and benchmark your organization’s data and analytics maturity and provide detailed roadmaps and recommendations to elevate your organizational capabilities and meet your business priorities.

Data Modernization Services

Empower your enterprise with capabilities to handle large data assets by migrating traditional data applications to modern on-prem and cloud big data solutions, powered by robust data quality, security, and governance frameworks.

Analytics & Insights

Identify the right KPIs for your business using design thinking techniques and generate insights that improve the performance of your business by leveraging statistical modeling techniques.

Artificial Intelligence

Open doors to new business models and optimize the cost of existing processes by leveraging our expertise in experimenting and scaling Computer Vision, NLP, and ML technologies.

Data Science

Build end-to-end machine learning pipelines from data collection, processing, feature engineering, optimization, evaluation, visualization, through deployment. Gain insights to build the models you need to improve decision-making, increase customer satisfaction, grow revenue, and optimize business operations.

Data Analysis

Leverage data to generate incremental revenue for your organization, boost your ROI, and deliver transformational insights. We’ll help you make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

A/B Testing & Personalization

Build loyalty, drive retention, and incrementally increase your digital products’ results by optimizing the user journey and delivering the most targeted customer experience possible.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

A unified perspective of your data provides more opportunities for insights and improved decision-making. Provide fast, meaningful answers to the most complicated business questions with insightful dashboards and visualizations.


We Do It

Agile Analytics Delivery

Brillio’s ability to execute in the big data domain using agile methodologies is well-recognized in the industry.

The Forrester Wave on Agile Software Development Service Providers acknowledges Brillio as a leader in Agile development and transformation. The report acknowledges our robust processes in comparison to our competition for both helping clients implement Agile as well as helping them to scale it across their development function. It deploys a portfolio of tools to deliver a continuous release process, including built-in analytics tools to increase velocity and efficiency.

Additionally, to ensure strong execution governance and to reduce the risks of rework and scope creep, Brillio uses its proprietary governance tool CodeX™ which acts as one source of truth for checking Project Health and a platform for collaboration with a focus on customer-oriented delivery excellence and experience

Standardized Delivery Playbooks

We bring together our domain knowledge, agile execution, big data engineering, infrastructure, API, and application build capabilities to deliver high impact programs using our delivery methodology called BrillioOne. Being right-sized with a global footprint we can bring together our diverse skill setsr with the agility and flexibility required to meet customer needs. This ensures that we build efficiency and knowledge within the team and enable expedited delivery with our comprehensive automation powered playbooks.

Brillio Analytics Academy

Brillio’s Learning Academy enables sheer commitment towards zero work slippage due to volume fluctuations, because new resources can be onboarded into the project with just 2-3 weeks lead time. With these measures in place, we provide 100% commitment to ramp-up and ramp-down quickly based on volume fluctuations.

Additionally, Brillio’s major investment in building the bench pool of talent for our clients further strengthens our commitment. The strong knowledge management process that is in place will enable quick knowledge transition and speedy training of new resources.

We address all work volume-related requirements through a flexible capacity model designed for clients. The team of resources in the flex pool and bench pool will provide the coverage needed to ensure all volume fluctuations are attended to promptly.


and Accelerators

Artemis – Advanced NLP Solution

With Artemis, organizations can use unstructured data to identify core sentiments, helping in risk assessments, and in identifying pain points in near real-time. Organizations are considering risk-based thinking, but it requires applying a systematic approach to managing risk everywhere within the organization. Risk management is woven into the fabric of the AI-powered Artemis solution, enabling the management of both organizational and enterprise risks interactively.

DHI– AI Led Platform

Businesses expect quality insights at their fingertips but lose valuable time in either reaching out to analysts or figuring out how SQL scripts work. Dhi’s AI-led platform makes it easy for business stakeholders to make effective data-driven decisions by simply asking questions exactly how we speak. Dhi can connect to multiple data sources, configure insights, craft, and save stories that can be used to present your business case.

Text Summarizer

With such a big amount of data circulating in the digital space, there is a growing need for AI-based text summarization that can shorten longer texts and deliver accurate summaries to fluently pass the intended messages. Text summarizer can address this concern in a couple of clicks in the regulatory compliance landscape where compliance requirements are ever-growing.

Text summarization is an amalgamation of AI-led text extractions with an intuitive web portal. Using the text summarizer, users can reduce reading time and accelerate the process to make effective business decisions making the most out of the available data.


and Alliances


Brillio is a Globally Managed Microsoft Partner and this helps us leverage Microsoft’s expertise to validate solutions and manage any technical risks. This also allows us to ensure our technical team is trained on the most cutting edge Azure technologies. Our go-to-market partnership has also resulted in a strong list of large Azure data platform implementation case studies in our portfolio. The partnership also allows us to provide our clients with cost benefits leveraging Microsoft programs and investments.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our partnership with AWS unlocks the next generation of enterprise digital transformation solutions backed by leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. Together we have worked to restructure and reshape billion-dollar enterprise IT operations into modern and agile digital infrastructure operations.

Our combination brings together a mix of cross-domain functional expertise, deep technical experience, and powerful public cloud technology. Our collaboration creates a strong foundation for your enterprise digital initiatives like application modernization, big data, analytics, and enterprise application migration.


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