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Our Salesforce Accelerators

Our proven accelerators built for Salesforce are scalable and
customizable solutions to enhance your Salesforce experience at speed 

Renewal Manager

Bolster renewal rates, decrease churn, and gain visibility into the business to drive recurring revenue
from subscriptions and support agreements with our Renewal Manager

Increase Revenue With Higher Retention & Upsells

Real-time Visibility & Insights

Simplified Renewal Process


  • 100% native application 
  • Advanced product and price management 
  • Seamless extension to Service Cloud 
  • Powerful dashboards and reports 
  • Extensive process configurability 

Service Time Tracker 

Track agent utilization accurately, identify bottlenecks and gaps in support, and manage timesheets and approvals easily to improve customer interactions in all support operations 

Automatic Tracking of Case Work

Works with service cloud console

No User or IT Overhead


  • Automatic tracking of case and admin work 
  • Granular data-driven analytics 
  • Advanced Service Cloud support and integration 
  • Comprehensive visibility and change management 

Employee Self Service 

Automate mundane workflows, enable easy collaboration, and create engaging personalized employee experiences to supercharge their productivity 

Single self-serve employee portal

Configurable based on roles, regions and, business units

Shorter deployment time with pre-built templates


  • Consolidated view of all HR support needs
  • Easy integration and Single Sign On support for other HR systems
  • Guided process automation, task tracking and approval processes
  • Engaged, collaborative community with easy access to experts, and group

Product to Asset Convertor 

Convert opportunity products on an opportunity into assets on the associated accounts to create an accurate list and maintain up to date information 

Convert opportunity line item products into assets

Track new and old conversions

Convert selected product lines, split multiple quantities


  • Intuitive interface, built for the Lightning 
  • Conversion status tracking within the app