Migration Consultancy

Our migration factory, Powered by CLIP™, utilizes right-fit tools to execute a carefully curated migration strategy. Taking a risk extenuated approach adopts a progressive model and constitutes a fallback strategy for Re-host, Re-platform, Re-envision, Repurchase, and Retire. Brillio delivers scalable, agile and cost-effective cloud solutions and consultancy services.


Brillio’s Key migration consultancy tenets

1. Cloud Expense Management though Brillio CLIP™ : Track, optimize and provide end to end visibility into cloud consumptions and expenses

2. AWS Tag Enforcement with Service Catalogue : Automate governance and cost optimization strategy

3. AWS minimizable Viable Landing Zone Creation : Automate application or set of application/infra based on a template

4. Zero Ops Model : Zero Capex Model for App Migrations provision to Pricing for Infrastructure and application Technical Operations based on Actual Usage which saves up to 60%

5. S3 Framework : Most of the solutions are based on S3 approach- Self-Service, Self-Help, Self-Heal Approach which provision systems by themselves as typically required for rapid prototyping

Three Tier Approach

Brillio follows three tier solutioning approach for its clients :

Advisory Function – Conduct expert consulting exercise as an advisory role to give value to customer in the journey for transformation to AWS

Transformation Framework – Transform the infrastructure landscape by moving from legacy or older version to latest industry standard systems. Migrate the environment to AWS Cloud. Accelerated Time to Value from cloud

Strategic Operations – Provide end to end management of infrastructure environment on AWS. Provisioning, automation, orchestration, maintenance, and updates are managed by Brillio


Benefits of partnering with Brillio

1. Business Continuity – With Intelligent Monitoring with continuous insights for faster decision making

2. Unified Platform CLIP™ – Business Reporting platform with external integration options

3. Automation – Service Management Automation using Orchestrator and Scripts

4. IP’s Accelerators – Brillio’s homegrown IP’s and accelerators such as Digital Index™, Bolt™, Transformation Framework™ etc.help to provide best class migration consultancy

5. Cost saving – Pay Per Usage model, Savings Up to 60%

Case Studies

    1. On-Premise to AWS Migration for Legacy Applications

  • Global Biopharmaceutical Company
    • Challenge/ Project description:

      The client wants to transform legacy application from on-premise Teradata to Cloud infrastructure. The customer wanted to enable scalability and reduce the processing time.

    • Brillio’s Solution:

      Brillio proposed to move data from on-prem Teradata to AWS Data by performing multi-stage data processing. The solution constitutes to compress and un-compress files, data movement across S3 buckets. Data is taken through Acquire, Refine and Publish Zones.

    • Benefits/ Outcomes:
      • 65% reduction in operating costs by moving application from on-premise to AWS
      • 78% reduction observed in processing time
      • Different formats of biomarker and clinical trial data converted into single end state
  • 2. AWS Ingestion Framework- WebMethods to AWS Migration

  • Global Biopharmaceutical Company
    • Challenge/ Project description:

      Customer wanted to migrate from on-premise WebMethods to AWS Ingestion framework for pushing data to SalesForce, corporate CRM application. Secure integration was required between public facing website and SalesForce.com Data store.

    • Brillio’s Solution:

      Brillio provisioned mediation layer with S3 buckets to stage raw data, transform XML extracts from Raw to a JSON formatted structure for future triaging/analysis purposes. Solution uses AWS Code build – an AWS managed build service to run jobs in batches

    • Benefits/ Outcomes:
      • More than 70% increase in ROI due to highly scalable & reusable data lake powered by Athena
      • Schema changes are configuration driven
      • Highly secured integration between public API and SFDC
      • Status check of provisioned products.
  • 3. Historical Data Migration to AWS

  •  Leader in online real estate
    • Challenge/ Project description:

      A real-estate customer wanted to migrate their entire historical data till date from client DM to AWS – S3 Data Lake.

    • Brillio’s Solution:

      Brillio proposed rapid migration with multiple tracks running in parallel. The data migration application (Python Utility) used to extract, encode, compress, and upload the data onto S3 RD over the network. One-time merge data snapshots (Historical + Delta + Incremental) & text to parquet conversion is done using AWS EMR.

    • Benefits/ Outcomes:
      • 60% cost saving by moving from on-prem storage devices to low cost AWS S3 storage. The cost can be further optimised using the tier-based storage model of S3
      • Critical Data stored in S3 has High Availability 99.9% and reduced access time
      • Minimal cost spent on less critical data, as it can be stored in glaciers
  • 4. Migration of On-Premise Teradata based EDW to AWS

  •  Leading American power company
    • Challenge/ Project description:

      Customer wanted to build a single, integrated and future-ready platform that can hold heterogenous datasets, provide flexibility and scalability, service multiple big data and advanced analytics use cases organization wide

    • Brillio’s Solution:

      Brillio proposed a holistic data lake in the modern architecture to handle all enterprise data needs using low Cost data storage (AWS – S3) decoupled from compute requirements. The transient in-memory compute using EMR/Spark instances to provide scalability and cost optimization. We suggested efficient handling of various ingestion patterns, including batch & stream processing

    • Benefits/ Outcomes:
      • 40% reduction in cost by using the AWS low cost data storage
      • Improved flexibility & scalability to handle big data
      • Time to market reduced by 50%
      • Enable self-service data consumption for the business
      • Access to AWS services, ability to derive actionable insights

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