What’s an Innovation Specialist? Brillio Defines New Career Paths

Brillio • February 26, 2015
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At Brillio, we aren’t interested in people who want to work on just one particular technology, domain or project. Instead, we want someone who is an “innovation specialist.”

So – you ask, what is an innovation specialist?

An innovation specialist wants to do more than just build an Android app and cannot wait to experiment with technology. To meet our criteria, you need to be a problem solver, and you need to be working with cutting-edge technology in mobile, analytics and Big Data as well as application development. Bottom line is that our people have to come in with the mindset that they will create something new while delivering great solutions to our customers today.

We’re selective about the people we hire because we are investing in what we are going to do tomorrow, and this means having the right team. And to find the right team, sometimes you need to hire differently. For example, we recently brought on board innovation architects. We did not interview them based on their technology skills. Instead, we wanted to interview, and ultimately hire them, because they were able to think on their feet and solve problems. The hiring process was focused on testing the way they think v/s what programming languages they are proficient in. The dynamic nature of technologies changing has taught us that great talent can easily be groomed to embrace technology changes. However, curiosity, logical thinking and an appetite to solve problems must be inborn and intrinsic to being a successful architect.

We invested the time to have extensive discussions with each person so that we could have a deep understanding of what they are doing, their capabilities and their passions. We wanted them to know what we do and want to do. And in turn, it was important for us to see if they could envision themselves doing our work. After multiple levels of discussions that touched on technology, business, disruption and technology trends, some people were up to the challenge while others were not. From our pool of candidates, we were able to select those who were the best fit for Brillio – great people who could come together to do great work – and in the end, our search was not about a particular technology, company, solution or experience.

How we hire at Brillio is unique for the services and solutions space because we want to build products and are technology focused. We are constantly looking for people across technologies, across a range of experience. We challenge our people to think beyond what they are doing now. We push them in our evaluation process, and as a result, we are able to identify the right talent. We know we have found the right person, an innovation specialist, when they are excited to come on board and take part in this awesome journey.

We also differentiate ourselves by making a commitment to those who join Brillio. We don’t believe you learn by reading a manual, and each one of us has an opportunity to work with those who can improve our capabilities. Here, we learn by sharing knowledge. Together, we create from scratch. And from top down, there is a clear investment in our people, the right tools, and the right environment.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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