Variety is the Spice of Life in Brillio

Maarsel Atallah • August 27, 2018
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Almost six months ago, I chose to become a part of the Comity, Brillio team. And, this time has been nothing short of exciting!

What struck me the most when deciding to join the organization was the intense focus the leadership has on helping clients in their digital transformation journey. As a User Experience Designer for the Salesforce platform, this meant I get to push my boundaries and work on challenging projects that help me learn and grow.

Forward momentum…

At Comity, Brillio, it’s a dynamic environment that helps you grow and learn in areas you wouldn’t expect. There are so many opportunities to up-skill. And, most importantly, I can pick and choose where I want to up-skill and leverage this to build a future focused learning curve!

The environment enables you to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. And in this process, you are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes; so long as you’re learning from them and moving forward.

Being part of Comity, Brillio has taught me courage. The courage to ask the right questions and challenge the status quo. The courage to be curious, always looking for the next thing to innovate or add value to.

Untethered Learning Opportunities

What I like best about Comity, Brillio is that it is continually evolving. Everyone—the leaders and the team—are persistently seeking ways in which to make the products and interactions with clients better. And, we’re doing this together, untethered by hierarchies.

With organizations relying more and more on digital technologies and platforms to drive customer experience, Comity, Brillio’s predominant Salesforce community ensures that the pace of learning and development I have experienced is unparalleled—within and outside my domain. At any given point, I am assured to be ready for tomorrow’s market and client needs.

If forward momentum and continuous learning is your mantra, this is the place to be!

Let’s create something amazing together!

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