Three Key Areas Where Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Healthcare

Lakshmi H Shastry • November 27, 2018
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From Siri and Alexa to Amazon and Pandora, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we live, work and play. As this technology matures, we are seeing AI technology that can now do what we once thought was impossible – such as learn on its own, adapt as decisions are made, and provide powerful predictive capabilities. In the realm of healthcare, this is truly transformative.

AI in healthcare is one area my colleagues and I have chosen as our niche focus. We think it holds the promise to not only reshape enterprises and business models, but also, society. The opportunities are significant in a real and human way – like turning a patient’s electronic health record into a reliable risk predictor, reducing rate of physicians’ diagnostic errors to improve patient outcomes, improving medication non-compliance, and providing access to care in under served areas.

From data in genomics to electronic health records, there is a significant amount of patient information to analyze and put into real time action to unlock new opportunities.

In this digital transformation era, we are adopting emerging technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, Image Recognition, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Blockchain to help enterprises know what is in the horizon, start preparing for its impact, keep their strategies updated, and open new avenues.

Looking ahead, I believe the three key areas where AI will transform healthcare include:

  • Opportunities to radically improve patient care: There are several areas where AI technology will create new opportunities to track patient behavior and disease progression in groundbreaking ways, such as predictive modeling, information extraction, and image recognition, to name just a few. For instance, in the field of genomics, researchers are inundated with data related to biological components, such as cell, tissue, disease, and gene. They have been yearning for a workable solution such as a database and analytics solution that can take them from point A (capture, analyze, visualize and predict heterogeneous data at scale) to point B (quick response and real time access to many types of information) so that they can identify innovative ways to improve patient care in the long-term.
  • Ability to create a comprehensive connected patient record: Does a patient smoke? Does he or she exercise regularly? What medications is a patient taking? For many healthcare providers, patient records exist in numerous places and forms, like doctor notes in a patient’s file, pathology reports and x-rays. Not all records are digitized, and more often than not, there is not one central place that keeps track of a patient’s medical history and lifestyle. But if all this data was put together in a single source on a cloud platform, healthcare providers could gain real time and a holistic view of a patient’s data to better engage and for better outcomes.
  • Increasing visibility for better decision-making: By providing researchers and healthcare professionals a platform with the ability to visualize and analyze patients’ data in real time, they are able to share vital data with other clinicians and generate better insights to make evidence-based decisions. They are also able to identify risk factors long before they turn into diseases, leading to long-term better health outcomes for each individual patient, as well as identify similar patient cases to provide alternative therapies when needed.

At Brillio, we’re at present making the possibilities of AI in healthcare a reality. We are working with a large healthcare enterprise to digitize, analyze and visualize real world disparate data from multiple sources, like hospitals, vendors, and clinical agents. By capturing the power of AI technologies, our customer and partners are able to gain deep and clear insights for patient screening, provide improved personalized prevention services, identify gene markers within certain populations, and develop individual drugs for individual patients – and in the end, we’re bringing about positive change for both the customer and society.

For more information on Brillio and how we can help you move faster to reach your desired outcomes, visit here.

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