Digital transformation for utilities sector using SAP on Azure and IOT

Siva Perubotla • December 27, 2017
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How companies across industries are benefiting from migrating SAP to the Azure Cloud, and how you could begin your journey

In my experience, I have seen organizations that have embraced migration to the cloud and unleashed the power of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. Migrating away from on-premise systems, while having challenges, reaps rich rewards. I have seen smart IT business leaders pushing their organizations toward the cloud to drive gains in efficiency, innovation, and cost savings. In this blog we look at how third-party support helps deliver success. It begins with IT departments taking a more methodical approach to cloud adoption—addressing flaws in their current productivity software strategy, getting a firm grasp on the data they already have, and pursuing a migration plan that stays on-time and on-budget.

One of the world’s largest industrial thread manufacturers had a SAP landscape that was spread over 4 geo-locations. The challenge was to leverage the Azure Public cloud for key business gains that came from consolidation and integration. It presented an opportunity to drive operational efficiencies by replacing a dated system with an elastic, high availability cloud based infrastructure backbone. The client needed a partner who would commit to a responsive and customer centric approach. Brillio’s proven solution was bundled with cutting-edge tools were the right catalysts, right from discovering current SAP ecosystem to migration on Azure and testing. Brillio delivered seamless and secure hybrid services that suited the complex business needs.

Another utility client wanted to integrate CDMA based water meter with the Azure cloud to create a smart water metering architecture capable to track real-time water consumption and data analytics. With about 500,000 water meters installed, the core challenge meant collecting water flow readings from meters in minimum time utilized for two-way communication and hence increasing the life of battery powering the smart water meters. Azure’s cutting-edge IoT solutions delivered a multi-tenant, cloud-based solution that communicates with the wireless network, backed by strong data analytical engine. Third party support for the cloud migration helped to increase battery life of meter by more than 50%, thanks to Azure based cloud solution which reduced communication time to mere 200-300 milliseconds even when data reading frequency was increased to every 5 minutes instead of hourly data.

When it came to one of the world’s leading renewable energy solutions providers getting real time data on wind turbine faults and corrective actions needed, they turned to Azure based cloud solutions. Azure based robust, scalable data management platform helped the client manage and streamline their wind farm operations efficiently, thereby enabling quick and intelligent actions to minimize failures and prevent future operational errors. The solution platform handles any kind of structured and unstructured data, allowing faster storage, retrieval and data representation.

These are just a few of the benefits that enterprises are unlocking with cloud migration. Tackling cloud-based productivity and collaboration with third party support not only mitigates the risks, it can make a world of difference between a shoddy migration and an effective one.

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