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hhgregg is an appliance, electronic, and furniture retailer dedicated to superior customer service. Since being founded in 1955, the company has differentiated itself and developed a loyal customer following through this service minded approach. Today, hhgregg has 227 locations and offers customers multiple purchasing channels – both physical and digital.

As with any major retailer, ecommerce is a significant part of the company’s overall strategy to reach customers and continue steady revenue growth. A customer’s expectations for online purchasing continues to advance. They have a desire for personalization, a need for surprises from their favorite brands, and they want a higher level of control over their options. For these reasons, the experience a customer has with the hhgregg ecommerce site can make or break their relationship with the brand.

Business Scenario


Ecommerce Optimization Strategy & the Importance of Quality Assurance

The hhgregg team was embarking on a significant update to its ecommerce strategy. Speed, usability, and an optimized shopping experience for the customer were top on the list of objectives. And, having the confidence to roll out releases quickly and without blips for the customer was paramount. Upon understanding of the needs and goals established by the hhgregg team, Brillio recommended a strategic quality assurance program that would ensure seamless rollouts and establish the foundation for increased readiness for maintenance releases, reliability, and data integrity for all future updates.

“At H.H.Gregg, we strive to keep things simple and easy for our customers to find the products they need in the fastest and most convenient way. To help achieve that goal, we provide an integrated multi-channel platform via mobile, website, and stores. Brillio teams with us to ensure a seamless experience across our channels for our customers. Brillio has been a great partner and has helped our team improve our efforts in this area considerably.”

Trent Taylor, CIO, H.H. Gregg

Brillio Solution


How did we do it?

Brillio worked with hhgregg to take ownership of Quality Assurance (QA) for the ecommerce website. Brillio’s team analyzed the current QA production process, identified improvement opportunities, and built a test data repository for every build release as well as a regression test suite. Brillio tested hhgregg’s ecommerce platforms for multi-channel compatibility across browsers and mobile. Brillio also developed a stringent change-control procedure where overall effort and schedule were defined for each release, and end-to-end business scenarios were developed.


Business Benefits


What was the outcome?

The Brillio Quality Assurance and Testing team worked with hhgregg’s business to:

  • Reduce overall QA costs through the automation of a majority of hhgregg’s ecommerce test cases
  • Reduce the cycle time of test cycles from 3 weeks to 4.5 days resulting in enhanced user experience and reduction in production issues

As a result, the hhgregg team can now roll out more releases at a higher quality threshold. This allows the team to focus on strategic roadmap priorities and stay ahead of customer expectations because they now have the confidence to make changes and enhancements rapidly knowing that customer experience will be safe guarded.


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