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Brillio • September 25, 2018

All my life, I have loved technology.

I grew up working with and learning new technology. So, it was not surprising when I applied for customer service and technical support jobs after my graduation. While these jobs were challenging and were instrumental my becoming who I am today, they were not quite what I was looking for. I realized I wanted to work with technology, but I wanted to build and design something.

So, I made the transition – to software engineering.

It was during this time that a very good friend of mine referred me to Comity, Brillio. With hardly any experience in either software engineering or Salesforce, I did not expect much. I knew that a lot of firms turn a blind eye toward new and aspiring employees, preferring someone with years of experience.

Comity, Brillio took a chance on me.

The firm has taught me and helped me grow in my career. Today, four years later, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Comity, Brillio.

Opportunities Abound
Usually, once you have a role within a company, people tend to always see you in that particular role, regardless of your skill set or how you wish to grow.

Not so at Comity, Brillio.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in, you will find a variety of roles and opportunities to learn and grow.

As part of the Salesforce team, I have had the opportunity to dive into roles such as Data Analysis, Data Integrations, Quality Assurance Testing, Junior Developer, and Senior Developer. In addition, I also had the opportunity to work on some architecting and designing of technical solutions.

These opportunities not only enhance my skills but the versatility in my skills allows me to help and add value to my team as and when the need arises. The empowerment we are offered ensures we are not ‘just a developer’ or ‘a QA person’, we are skilled in various areas and when needed learn the skills our team requires to not just complete a project but deliver it with the highest standards of quality.

Be a Brillian
In today’s workplace, the culture is the most critical aspect. And, for that alone Brillio is one of the best places to work. You’ll find yourself with not just colleagues or friends but a family sharing the same values and purpose.

This unique culture at Brillio ensures the firm reaps business benefits while creating the type of environment today’s workforce seeks.

About the Author

At Brillio, our customers are at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we are relentless about delivering the technology-enabled solutions our customers need to thrive in the digital economy. Born in the digital age, Brillio embraces the superpowers of technology to help clients to not only improve their current performance but to rethink their business in entirely new ways. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Brillio has exceptional employees worldwide and is trusted by hundreds of Fortune 2000 organizations across the globe. We leverage our depth of expertise in agile engineering to accelerate customer growth and bring human-centric products to market at warp speed.

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