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Archana Sarodia • August 09, 2019
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The trend of declining customer loyalty in today’s digital age is pushing businesses, including aggregator portals, to engage with customers in more relevant and agile ways. This has put the ball in the court of the marketing executives to continuously look for opportunities to entice consumers with new and personalized offers across multiple channels such as email, SMS, and social media, and ensure every lead they generate is taken to closure efficiently by respective agents.

The client’s marketing team, looking to improve lead engagement wanted to ensure there was minimum lag between a lead being qualified, created and updated in the marketing systems, and moved to the sales team’s queue. In their existing stack, the marketing team used Eloqua for campaign execution while sales used Salesforce Sales Cloud. However, the marketing system had some limitations related to data segmentation and audience identification for the data coming in from diverse systems. Further, a lack of two-way data flow, between Eloqua and Sales Cloud, led to uncontrolled duplication of the journey data and customer attributes such as account, contact, lead, and payment profiles. The lag in the data sync between Eloqua and Sales Cloud was leading to challenges for the client such as,

  • Below-par effectiveness in multi-channel campaign execution,
  • Inadequate social media campaign delivery,
  • Inefficiency in monitoring the campaign results in the Sales Cloud,
  • Inaccurate and out-dated lead data to the sales team.

All of this, in turn, leading to lower closures and a decline in the market share.

Getting smart about marketing automation and compelling with campaign execution

Brillio’s engagement began with an in-depth consultative assessment of the client’s marketing processes, data segmentation and flow, campaign goals, and business expectations. Through a persona-led approach to capture internal use cases and workflows, Brillio identified gaps in the current implementation and charted an implementation plan to improve the client’s marketing automation and campaign execution.

After the much-required groundwork, Brillio’s team first migrated Eloqua to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and then integrated it with the Sales Cloud using Marketing Cloud Connector. This ensured that client had a single system with a unified data model that delivered zero data lags and real-time data sharing. The team then defined the metadata for the subscriber lists and data extensions for segmentation to avoid of data duplication scenarios. Later, we configured the complex journeys and automation having multiple paths and wait times. The configuration was based on the business requirements using Salesforce Marketing Cloud provided Journey builder and Automation builder tools that formed a strong base for a robust marketing engine.

Some of the other critical features that were implemented:

  • Web-to-lead integration between Facebook/LinkedIn with Sales Cloud to track social media activities, responses and create leads
  • IP warming exercise to control and prevent email spam. The exercise started with 2000 emails and then increased to 50000 emails
  • Engagement activity tracking to give the agents full view of consumer timeline, responses and sentiment
  • Integrated Marketing and Sales Cloud to create landing pages that allows progressive profiling and generate leads inside the Salesforce Sales Cloud in real-time
  • A lead scoring framework that allows the Sales and Marketing teams to prioritize and target leads more effectively
  • Integration with Uberflip (content management solution) to dynamically build microsites used in the marketing campaign
  • Governance to ensure compliance for Email and SMS limits

Going above and beyond to unlock the real power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The migration to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, integration with the Sales Cloud and the entire engagement rapidly improved the marketing team’s productivity. The team was now in position to execute targeted multi-channel campaigns with data and workflows well optimized. The key results included,

  • 100% lead to account matching for the leads generated from marketing campaigns enabling highly targeted and accurate campaign execution
  • Fully automated and intelligent campaign management with real-time data sharing between sales and marketing teams
  • 20x reduction in lead creation time in Sales Cloud leading saving hours of time savings for both teams
  • 100% compliance with the daily limits of sending 11 SMS messages/customer/month and one email in 3 days

Unlocking the true value from investments in technology platforms needs them to work in tandem with each other. Brillio’s Salesforce multi-cloud expertise has helped leading enterprises connect different functions to work in unison to deliver better customer engagement. Interested in a quick health assessment of your Marketing and Sales Cloud integration? Reach out to our Salesforce experts at

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