Salesforce & Tableau — All you need is Data!

Christopher Knapp • July 24, 2019
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A CRM without data is like a house without furniture.

Most of us must have heard this statement — Data is the new Oil. But the big question is where are the refineries? With Salesforce acquiring Tableau, there’s an answer!

On June 10, 2019, Salesforce left the tech world surprised with its announcement to acquire data analytics company Tableau Software in an all-stock deal for $15.7 billion (reported by Washington Post) followed by an announcement to make Seattle its next headquarters. The acquisition has made quite a buzz in the market and it’s time to celebrate for partners like Brillio that are pioneers in data analytics, and hold a thriving partnership with Salesforce.

CRM & Data visualization — the new definition of business in the tech world

According to IDC, revenues for Big Data and Business Analytics solutions is forecast to reach $260 Billion in 2022 which means there are huge opportunities and exciting times ahead for partners working in this space. The unique amalgam of Salesforce and Tableau will help partners offer curated customer insights and develop solutions capable of unmatched data analytics capabilities for a CRM platform. The combination of these two technologies will benefit partners that play in both these areas in ways such as:

  • Competitive advantage over other competitors in the market in terms of new opportunities and integrated deals.
  • Easy fusion of Salesforce products (Sales, Marketing, Commerce, etc.) and complex customer data will deepen system’s capability of understanding the data resulting into deeper insights on business opportunities making existing CRM systems more intelligent than ever before.
  • Opportunity tracking — There will be no more FOMO(Fear of Missing Out) in terms of missing out potential opportunities sitting inside the system due to lack of necessary intelligence.
  • Seamless data visualization capabilities — the fusion of Salesforce and Tableau will let customers visualize data and they will be able to share insights across various levels of the organization. With Tableau, Salesforce will bring data to life with state-of-the art dashboards and reports.
  • AI & Business Intelligence — Innovation on Salesforce Einstein will fuse with BI capabilities of Tableau, this will give rise to a best-in-class unbeatable platform capable of delivering next level of customer success with advanced AI capabilities, making Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM.
  • Salesforce and Tableau will together revolutionize the perspective of how businesses understand their customers using data, which is where the actual competition lies and keeps a partner ahead in the market.

A Partner of Choice

Data is the very foundation of business today and no digital transformation is complete without harnessing the data intelligently, then turning the same data into insights using tools like Tableau. Brillio is among the very few leaders in this space who are capable to produce a mixed blend of both, it has a legacy of harnessing data through its deep expertise in analytics. The company has delivered innovative solutions to its customers both in the CRM (Salesforce) as well as in the analytics space and has solved complex data related problems using Tableau’s deep analytical expertise. It enables adoption of solutions to power every human decision in client organization and thus integrating the solution within clients existing ecosystem. Company’s expertise in data visualization is matchless, at Brillio visualization is seen as — Design led data to insights journey empowering decisions, thus; Design, Insights, Decisions are the key elements when it comes to delivering customer success using data.

Salesforce has made an unparalleled progress in bringing data from multiple sources, including the acquisition of Mulesoft, comprising different business processes into a single source of truth. Now, it’s important that this data should create impact. We as a partner with Salesforce are excited with the recent acquisition announcement of Tableau Software as the ability to get insights from data will now get magnified multifold

— Suraj Gupta, VP CRM & Commerce at Brillio

Brillio has a heritage of delivering customer success to various happy customers through its end to end digital transformation expertise across big data and analytics, front office transformation, product engineering, infrastructure, along with capabilities in emerging advanced technologies and led by a global design studio. The coming together of such expertise, for example, in implementing and engineering curated customer-centric solutions developed on cloud platforms like Salesforce, and in developing advanced data visualization solutions, make Brillio an unmatched partner of choice for customers looking for world’s #1 CRM with world’s #1 analytics platform combined with product offerings that are unmatched in the market place. Thus, marking the words of Mr. Benioff, quoted at the eve of this acquisition;

“We are bringing together the world’s #1 CRM with the #1 analytics platform. Tableau helps people see and understand data, and Salesforce helps people engage and understand customers. It’s truly the best of both worlds for our customers — bringing together two critical platforms that every customer needs to understand their world,” — Marc Benioff, Chairman and co-CEO, Salesforce

The market for CRM cloud business is huge. So is the yearning within decision makers to get more value out of the data sitting inside CRM systems. This acquisition is a sign of vast opportunities on the horizon for businesses, and a reason to be excited for partners, and of course, their customers!

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