Re-thinking the word “Unreasonable”

Joseph King • January 09, 2020

If you are like me, the word “unreasonable” has always had a negative connotation attached to it. Whether you are using it as an adjective (ex. The two sides were acting unreasonable in their demands during negotiations) or as an adverb (ex. It was his unreasonable response which led to the breakup of the relationship), it is a word that I would have always stayed away from being part of my company’s brand positioning. Until now.

During a positioning workshop in December 2019 with our PR agency, Finn Partners, our management team was explaining to Finn what sets Brillio apart (aka “the differentiation discussion”). It was during that white boarding exercise that our CEO Raj Mamodia first used the word “unreasonable” to describe how Brillio has always delivered technology-enabled solutions for our customers.  Raj went on to state his philosophy that in order to be really good at something, one needs to be unreasonably focused; or relentless towards your pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Those of us in the room collectively gravitated to that statement and started to expand upon it. Thus, a positioning statement for Brillio was born.

We launched a brand new Web site on December 31st, In many ways, the messaging woven throughout the site starts with this notion of being ‘unreasonable’ and acting with ‘speed and urgency.’ To be quite honest, we don’t feel our customers have any other choice than to expect a partner to have this mindset in order to succeed in a digital economy.

So please–I encourage you to check out the fresh new look of and learn about how we think about technology, how we work with our customers, and what it would be like to work with us as a “Brillian.” And give us your feedback! You have my word we will take the feedback and use it to make the site even better going forward.

Happy New Year!

About the Author
Joseph King

A seasoned, global marketing executive with over 30 years of experience in marketing and business development positions, Joe possesses a passion for helping companies achieve revenue growth through innovative marketing programs. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Brillio and manages globally distributed teams to create outcome-based field marketing programs.

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