Product Maturity Model- Assess Your Product the Right Way

Sayani Das • June 18, 2021
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49% of the Product Managers surveyed by a leading consulting company said that their main challenge was to be able to validate and verify if the market really needs what they are building. If you try and look at the responses of the PMs(Product managers) of established companies, this figure jumps up to 62%.

We could see that once PMs lose sight of the constantly evolving product world, they lose in the rat race of the product world. Hence, constantly monitoring and assessing your product is imperative. There are multiple ways to assess a product-driven engagement. One could focus on customer acquisition, net promoter score, or monetization as key success factors for product-driven engagement. However, while these metrics help in understanding the success of the product but to consistently deliver disruptive products, companies need to evaluate how a product is being managed for long-term objectives while ensuring short-term gains. This can be done with a 360- degree view around the product encompassing the people, process & technology lens.

Just to give an example, this situation is akin to Marvel’s antagonist The Green Goblin. He created some of the greatest suits, razor bats, electric gloves which had long-term objectives and benefits that could be passed on for the betterment of humankind. However, his inability to stay on long-term objectives and his focus only on his short-term personal goals led to his ultimate downfall.

Now, to tackle this constant challenge that product managers have in choosing between long term objectives and short term gains they have to start behaving like our friendly neighbourhood protagonist Spider-Man, who not only looks after his neighbourhood but also ensures to stay connected with the Avengers in getting the long-term view of the entire world. He takes the right calls in balancing both short-term gains and long-term objectives.

Our solution

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure.”

There are many maturity models available in the market today but with very few dimensions that barely cover 360 degrees of product delivery aspects. However, after extensive research, we bring to you one of the most comprehensive models that cover all product-related dimensions in the form of the Product Maturity Model is a framework for Digital Transformation including fitness assessments and Business Agility@scale focussed on Product Centric Delivery. It is a value stream optimization insights platform for Strategy, Product, Engineering (Dev), and Operation teams.

This maturity model not only provides a holistic picture of where your product is currently at but also comes with a toolkit of recommendations, interventions, and practices to help you climb up the maturity ladder and reach the pinnacle of success with your product. Similar to the Spider-Man wielding his spider webs, this maturity model weaves spider charts that reflect your current maturity. Thus, helping you maintain the correct checks and balances between short-term gains and long-term objectives while ensuring your revenue increases while keeping operational costs in check.

Enabling technology and product maturity with significant savings this solution encapsulates an end-to-end enterprise product maturity model across core dimensions such as Product Strategy, Product discovery &Design, Business Agility, DevOps, Cloud and Innovation, Operations with 140+ dimensions.

Based on the measures, it will help you understand what the interventions should be, and this will then take you on a journey from existing ways of working to a highly mature Product-Centric way of working.

Our Assessment approach and dimensions:

Below is our 4-step assessment approach:

Step 1 Learn:

Create a deep understanding of the current state of delivery with a series of workshops, interviews, and observational activities.

Step 2 Assess:

Summarize your digital delivery model’s key issues across people, processes, and tools/technology to enable you to score your capabilities against our maturity model.

Step 3 Align:

We now create many bespoke and industry best practice interventions to help you move forward. You can then prioritize based on your goals. Finally, we produce a detailed improvement plan.

Step 4 Run:

We now run the series of pilots & interventions you have selected. Our new ways of working may improve your target operating model. Quarterly prioritization of interventions allows you to keep improving.

The post-assessment report card auto generates a score of your current ways of working. This scale is distributed into multiple levels and each level corresponds with a different set of maturity in the journey of your product lifecycle.

Then we start creating bespoke and industry best practice interventions to help you move up the maturity ladder. Finally, we run series of pilots with you to help you constantly improve your target operating model.

Where we Have Moved the Needle for our Clients

Using this Product Maturity assessment model Brillio has helped many customers. Below are some examples of how we transformed our clients using the maturity model.

For the leading telecom services provider this model has helped in achieving:

  • 60% automated and zero-touch solutions
  • 45+ % Reduction in code base by API consolidation resulting in improved maintainability.
  • 3.9K Annual Hours reduction through active monitoring post-production

Brillio helped trusted leader among global relocation companies to get:

  • 300% Faster Time to Market Accelerate the time to market for the platform.
  • 30% Reduced technical Debt and improved Code Quality.
  • 34% Cost Reduction, Leveraging continuous delivery.

Brillio partnered with a private American healthcare company to get:

  • 2X times Productivity Improvement in team’s velocity
  • 40% Increase in testing automation
  • 200% Time to market – faster release cycles


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Tarunesh Sahu, Senior Director, Head of Products, Cloud Engineering Studio for being my mentor and biggest support in not only helping build this maturity model but also guiding me for writing this blog.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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