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With customers are looking ahead on the curve through omnichannel stacks, cloud security, lead analytics, and automation-driven transformation Digital-born company, Brillio is helping customers in the product roadmap or process to map an efficient digital blueprint that enables in creating inroads for customer success. Siddharth Das, Vice President Sales, India, and APAC, Brillio talks about Brillio’s journey in India and its partnership.

Can you tell us about Brillio’s journey in India?

Digital transformation is at its peak today, organizations are rapidly adopting several initiatives to accelerate their journey in the post-pandemic era. Brillio is helping customers stay ahead in the journey by focusing on deploying innovative solutions across our practice horizontals and stay relevant in the current landscape. We are constantly working towards delivering an enhanced customer experience by creating differentiated value solutions.

At Brillio, we have witnessed a broad-based demand for our focused services especially in the practice area of product engineering and analytics. In fact, we recorded over 35% growth and witnessed significant growth in new businesses particularly in the BFSI and healthcare vertical in the first half of the year. As a digital player, we continue to strengthen our foundation in the market in terms of business uptake through the existing partnerships. We are on a track to reach $500 million in the next few years, we have a laser-sharp focused on growth in relevant markets, enhancing our capabilities through partnerships, and exploring opportunities with advanced technologies.

Some of the key partnerships Brillio has fostered are with Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, and others. Our partnerships are built on the common vision of enabling businesses to adapt to the ‘digital-first framework. Brillio has also been named a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) for providing Azure cloud services.

Being a digital-born company, how has Brillio been instrumental in helping customers during the pandemic?

Brillio is focused on driving CX-based transformation for customers by delivering personalized approaches to meet business demands. The strategy has been to study the customer’s user journey, their changing activities, and priorities during the pandemic. This has enabled us to demystify the business challenges and create high-quality consulting for the customers.

Brillio’s design thinking framework has been instrumental in setting us apart from the other companies in the market and has been a positive element to support customers during the pandemic. Our approach has been to evaluate, analyze, and modify the product roadmap or process to map an efficient digital blueprint that enables us in creating inroads for customer success. We explore growth areas for our customers which have previously not been put to thought. This lets us deliver solutions beyond set expectations.

What is Brillio’s channel GTM strategy for the India and APAC market in 2021?

We have adopted a reactive approach for the APAC market to understand the opportunities for Brillio. However, we are witnessing a lot of traction, especially in the Australian market. We are planning to grow our footprint in Australia soon. In the Indian market, we are aiming to grow our revenue by three times in 2021. This growth will primarily be driven by the large digital consumption potential of the GCCs – Global capability centers, and the larger enterprises. Brillio stays close to the demand in the market model service and our strategies focus on driving high growth in the key business segments: BFSI, healthcare, retail, and consumer and media technology. We aim to be an agile and scalable consultancy in our core practice areas of product engineering, analytics, and digital infrastructure.

What are the future-focused solutions which clients will be looking to adopt for an edge in the digital economy?

As mentioned earlier, we are working towards elevating the user experience for our customers. Businesses are now rapidly shifting from mainframe to cloud solutions, evolving to be cloud-native organizations. We are seeing increased demand for the adoption of disruptive technologies like AI/ML and computer vision. To help customers thrive in the digital economy, we are focused on empowering our customers through analytics-driven solutions and innovation. For reference, Brillio has partnered with Salesforce to enable businesses to undergo personalized customer journeys, achieve actionable insights Customers are looking ahead on the curve through omnichannel stacks, cloud security, lead analytics and automation-driven transformation with well-defined accelerators and attain a seamless, high engagement experience.

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