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Scrum Alliance® Announces Formation of Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy

Denver, CO., April 17, 2015 —SCRUM ALLIANCE®, the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community, announces the formation of a Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy. The Learning Consortium comprises a diverse group of organizations in different sectors around the world that are exploring management innovation in the emerging Creative Economy.

Learning Consortium organizations include Agile42AutodeskBrillioC.H. Robinson, InternationalMagna InternationalMenlo InnovationsMicrosoftPENSCO TrustSolutionsIQ, and SWIFT.

The Learning Consortium will explore the leadership and management practices emerging to deal with a marketplace that requires continuous customer-driven innovation. The Consortium will study ongoing transformational shifts in management, away from hierarchical bureaucracy and toward more Agile and creative approaches to the structure and coordination of work, communications, goals, and metrics. Its purpose is to enable peer-to-peer learning and sharing resources and experience in a context of integrity and trust.

“Many organizations are already making a shift,” said Scrum Alliance Board of Directors member Steve Denning. “They’re moving from the goal of maximizing shareholder value to a focus on adding value to those for whom the work is being done. They’re evolving from the practices of hierarchical bureaucracy to the collaborative leadership and management practices of the Creative Economy. And they’re expanding, from metrics limited to financial goals to metrics that reflect contributions to the prosperity of individuals, organizations, and society.”

The members of the Learning Consortium will select five organizations that are already implementing some of the leadership and management practices of the Creative Economy and organize one-day site visits at their locations. Each host organization will make presentations and hold discussions about what it is doing, how it is doing it, and what it is learning. Once the site visits are complete, Scrum Alliance will organize a retrospective conference to review what has been learned.

“The Learning Consortium is designed to shed light on some of these important questions,” said Scrum Alliance Chairman of the Board Harvey Wheaton. “What are the opportunities? What are the constraints? How much change is actually happening on the ground? What are the benefits, costs, and risks? The idea of the Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy is exciting. We look forward to the discoveries that will be made over the coming weeks and months.”

The Learning Consortium will produce a report based on its findings and make it available to the public. For more information about the Learning Consortium and the Creative Economy, visit


Founded in 2001, SCRUM ALLIANCE® is the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization in the Agile community. SCRUM ALLIANCE® is a nonprofit association with more than 350,000 members worldwide. Its mission is to “Transform the World of Work” by guiding organizations to become prosperous and sustainable, to inspire people, and to create value for society. Scrum is at the foundation of all its products, services, and solutions. For more information, please visit

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