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OnTheGo App Selected for Prestigious IDC Digital Transformation Awards 2018

August 13, 2018 — We are excited to announce that we have been selected for IDC Digital Transformation Awards 2018, under the category of Talent Accelerator.

We received this recognition for our work in developing the OnTheGo app, an app designed to fit the lifestyle of our employees while also making it easier for Brillio to track and capture enterprise activities that are critical for the business. And, this isn’t just any app, we designed it purposefully to remove barriers and become habit-forming by introducing surprise elements that would delight users. So this recognition is an important milestone for us, as the DX Summit and Awards recognizes those organizations that collaborate with both their internal and external ecosystems to develop leading technology solutions to drive growth in the DX economy.

One of our key tenants as a company is that we have consciously wired the organization for agility and for speed. A critical element of that wiring is to make sure that our employees are not slowed down by cumbersome processes leaving them more time focus on their customers’ needs. To help us get there, we decided to build an application that would allow them to manage daily activities while seamlessly integrated with other systems – what once took minutes or hours can now can be done within seconds.

When we started on this journey, we treated the project like any other digital initiative we would execute for our customers – we kicked off by conducting experience based workshops with our fellow team members before ever considering what technology would be required. We wanted to understand the journey for every individual at Brillio regardless of role or level within the organization. We asked questions like: What are the pain points that each employee experiences? What processes hold them up the most? Is there a faster way to input information “on the go?”

For instance, let’s look at the tedious task of filling out a time sheet. Per project, it can take about 10 minutes to fill out one time sheet, so the more projects you’re working on, the longer it takes to complete. But what if we could reduce that task to just a few seconds? What if we could automate the process by predicting a person’s time based on time spent on a past and similar actions?

And once those key pain points and solutions were identified, we focused on how to reconcile the needs of the business with making things easier for our employees. We were then able to begin considering which digital technologies would enable us to create an app that would serve the needs of both Brillio and its employees.

This is how OnTheGo was born.

The insights from the workshops led us to the decision that our product design would address two major areas – the removal of barriers and how to create moments of delight to keep users engaged long-term. We knew that if the app was going to be successful, then we needed to look beyond a transactional app. The app needed to give users something to look forward to – or, in other words, provide moments of delight. And that meant the app needed to intimately understand each user and feel personalized to them.

We accomplished these two development goals by:

Removal of Barriers:
In our fast past world, value is defined by the extent of the barrier that is broken. For instance, did you know that 42% of startups fail because they deliver products that are simply not usable? Upfront assurance of barrier removal helps measure value, and every feature in OnTheGo is built based on this barrier removal principle. For example, it takes just two seconds to apply to work from home for the day, and every expense can be filled on the go as a person travels for work.

Moments of Delight to Keeps Users Hooked:
A leading design thought leader stated, “even in transactional products, one needs moments of delight.” Humans love wonder, and OnTheGo delights users in many ways. For example, the app fills the timesheet based on variables like project allocated, leave time available and holidays. The user just needs to view and submit, so that now, a timesheet for a typical week takes just a few seconds.

On the personal side, employees can find out who in their team has an upcoming birthday, who is going on vacation soon, or if a new person joined Brillio. OnTheGo shares information to bring the team together – it is a lifestyle app before an enterprise app.

When developing OnTheGo, first and foremost for us was the employee experience. We then weaved the features around the experience and moments of delight.

In the coming weeks, I will share how we introduced the app and the reaction from the Brillio team. We are undergoing our own digital transformation at Brillio and the development of this app has not only helped us, it has given us deeper insight into the challenges and successes our customers will also experience.

For more information on Brillio and how we can help you move faster to reach your desired outcomes, visit here.

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