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OnTheGo App Delivers Moments of Delight

August 27, 2018 – Do you have a favorite app? Does it make you smile when you’re using it? Are you happily surprised by how well it knows you and anticipates your needs? Or – in other words – does your favorite app provide you with moments of delight?

Now, think about the feeling you get when your company sends you numerous email reminders to fill out your time sheet or submit your performance review or get your expenses in on time. What happens? You cringe, right?

Some of an employee’s most frustrating moments are when they have to do administrative tasks which leaves the company’s back office staff in a constant state of annoyance when they are trying to run payroll or close the books on a month or quarter. Brillio was determined to break that cycle of frustration for everyone by designing a delightful way for employees to share the information the business needs.

As we recently shared in our blog OnTheGo App Selected for Prestigious IDC Transformational Awards 2018,Brillio developed OnTheGo, an app for Brillio employees, designed specifically to fit their lifestyles while also making it easier to track and capture enterprise activities for business success. Today, 80% of employees in our India locations and 55% of employees located globally are using OnTheGo!

In order for OnTheGo to be successful, we knew that we had to build an app that would be freely accessed regularly and willingly, which meant that it could not be strictly transactional. Instead, the app needed to cater to how an individual user feels by delivering the right information at the right time, while also removing barriers to make each second and minute more efficient. We needed to ensure that each experience is valuable to the user.

Simply put, OnTheGo needed to deliver moments of delight.

OnTheGo is one of many giant leaps for us as a company as we undergo our own digital transformation. And in the process, we continue to build user adoption by delivering those important moments of delight, such as:

  • Congratulating employees on tenure milestones
  • Providing a list of company holidays so that employees can plan accordingly
  • Wishing an employee happy birthday and sharing birthday date with team members
  • Helping employees find their colleagues’ contact details
  • Automatically filling in timesheets
  • Publishing company announcements and events

With all these and more moments of delight, we have seen more and more Brillians connect and engage with one another – from wishing a fellow employee happy birthday to sharing individual photographs with team members. And from the individual employee to his or her manager, processes that were once tedious and time consuming now only takes seconds through OnTheGo, like applying for and approving leave time or submitting a time sheet.

So, knowing all this, let’s hear directly from Brillians on why they love OnTheGo:

Brillio OnTheGo (BOTG) is a very helpful application for applying leaves, filling timesheets, etc. We can also use it for finding our colleagues contact details and birthdays and more. – Sandeep Basetti

The BOTG app is very user-friendly and handy. Goodbye to system logins. Applying and viewing leave and remembering the birthdays of colleagues is so easy now. Contacting anyone in the company has become simple. The look and feel of the app is great. It is the best app for Brillians. – Avait Asok

I feel very portable and comfortable with the app where I can update my pics, apply for leave, get to know all my colleagues’ birthdays!! I feel good using the app. – Jayalakshmi B

OnTheGo has become a true companion app for us here at Brillio, and as we look ahead to tomorrow, we continue to evolve OnTheGo to meet the needs of each Brillian as we bring our employees digital experiences with moments of delight.

For more information on Brillio and how we can help you move faster to reach your desired outcomes, visit here.

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