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Challenges and Opportunities When Reimagining Work in the New Normal

Joseph King, CMO, Brillio with Career Centre, NCTV17, USA

“One of the critical success factors, just looking back on the last three months, has been a role that we developed, specifically for this new normal, this work-from-home. We call it the Office of Virtual Proximity. This role took a very empathetic employee-first view, in making sure that they were able to collaborate, they were able to be productive, and most importantly, they were able to engage. With each other, with project management, and with clients. “The New Normal” is here to stay, but with new challenges come new opportunities to learn and grow. Being able to adapt will make all the difference. The keywords are ‘safe’ and ‘responsible.’ Those are going to drive every decision that we make.”, says Joseph King, Chief Marketing Officer, Brillio.

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Brillio, a leader in digital technology consulting and services, announced today that they have appointed Jennifer N. Harris to their […]

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