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Exclusive Interview: Siddharth Das, VP Sales, Brillio

In an exclusive interview with DQ Channels, Siddharth Das, Vice President Sales, India, and APAC, Brillio, a company focused on digital technologies and big data analytics, talks about Brillio’s channel, GTM strategies, or thriving in today’s digital economy.

Elaborate on the recent developments and Brillio’s growth strategy during the pandemic.

The pandemic has accelerated the forces of the demand and supply chain in the present times. At Brillio, we have witnessed a broad-based demand and growth of our technology services in the first 2 quarters of the year in the product engineering and analytics space. We have also had the successful addition of new logos and as well as uptake in existing businesses, especially in the BFSI and healthcare sectors.

We are focused on delving deep into the practice horizontals with the help of innovative solutions and methods to create an exceptional customer experience and solidify our presence across industries. Given the demand and momentum of the market today, our efforts are aimed at becoming relevant to our customers by introducing differentiated value solutions for them.

How did your customers adapt to the pandemic and what was Brillio’s contribution towards the customer’s digital transformation journey?

Our customers have been quick to adapt and create new Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to stay ahead of the curve during the pandemic. Brillio’s strategy is to map the customer’s user journey by keeping track of their activities to tackle the changing business landscape and also their new set of priorities. This helps us create best-in-class consulting to decipher business problems. We have built a culture obsessed with customer success which enables us to reimagine the engagement for each of our clients. This has been key to our success.

In this disruptive market scenario, Brillio’s personalized customer experience approach has helped meet client demands. The key differentiating factor for Brillio in driving channel strategy is our design thinking philosophy to ensure high-quality consulting to our customers. This means we analyze our existing user challenges to evaluate, analyze and modify the entire product roadmap or its process to provide an efficient solution. From creating inroads for customer’s growth and success, Brillio taps into areas that have not been previously put to thought, to go beyond our deliverables.

What is Brillio’s GTM strategy for the Indian market for 2021?

At an APAC level, a reactive strategy has been adopted to understand the existing and new opportunities for Brillio. A case in point is Australia, where Brillio plans to use its existing customers to expand its footprint in the retail and BFSI space. Specifically, for the Indian market, we intend to grow our revenue three folds in 2021-22. Our growth in India is primarily driven by the large digital consumption potential of the global capability centers (GCCs) and large enterprises. Brillio stays close to the demand in the market model service and deploys strategies to drive growth in key business segments such as BFSI, healthcare, retail and consumer, and media technology. As mentioned earlier, our focus is on the key core practices of product engineering, analytics, and digital infrastructure which will help boost our presence in India. We are also working towards consolidating ourselves as an agile, scalable, and high-quality player in the market.

What are your plans for partners and how is the company playing a significant role as an enterprise company?

As the year progresses, Brillio continues to focus on building its partner ecosystem. We believe in working with partners who are best aligned with our growth roadmap. We have a defined GTM strategy for every partner and are looking at growing our partner revenue by 3x in the next 24 months via partner alliances in India.

As an enterprise company, Brillio’s network of partnerships is aimed at driving effective value for customers by addressing specific demands and requirements through deploying tools, methodologies, and processes to accelerate the seamless integration of digital solutions. Together with our partners, we have and continue to build solutions to achieve goals in the changing business landscape, elevate standards and benefit customers across industries.

Which are the 2021 technology trends that will redefine the channel strategy for Brillio?

At Brillio, our focus is on redefining our partner ecosystem by driving CX-based transformation for our customers. We are also growing our footprint by having more analytics-driven solutions and innovation. Brillio is driving key transformation on cloud capabilities, empowering customers on cloud migration and evolving them as a cloud-native organization. We are establishing outcome-driven solutions to stand out in the market for AI and Computer Vision technologies.  We have witnessed growth in the payment solution areas as well. In the coming future, thriving sectors such as FinTech, InsureTech, Omnichannel stacks, cloud security, lead analytics, and AI and CX-led business transformations will lay out the foundation of strengthening our partner ecosystem and business growth.

Source: DQ Channels

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