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Brillio @ NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016

Micro–Moments that Matter

Brillio @ NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016
Feb 10-12, 2016 | Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Join Brillio and other executives like yourself at NASSCOM’s India Leadership Forum, February 10 – 12, 2016 in Mumbai, India as we take on discussing the answers to these challenging questions.

To meet with us while at NASSCOM, please reach out to Abhishek Ranjan at or +91 9611885006

Topic: Reducing the Gap Between Inspiration and Real Digital Impact on the Enterprise 

Date: Friday, Feb 12, 2016
11:30 am – 12:15 pm 
Session XXI A: Executive Conversation

What prevents the amazing excitement around digital to not translate into speed of light adoption and implementation? What is required in the imagination to realization continuum?

Join Brillio as we discuss and our panelists showcase real experiences, challenges and positive insights on the “Behind the scene” dynamics and what other leaders can learn from them.

The session will start with a view point on the notion of micro-experiences and how a practical and forward looking digital experiences strategy needs to be built by flipping the current strategy model that is today very top down.

About Brillio

Brillio is a global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization in Banking and Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media, and Entertainment Industries. We partner with companies to identify new technology strategies to help businesses transform in order to improve performance and competitiveness. Brillio is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and combines functional and technical expertise with in-depth domain knowledge. The Brillio difference is in our agility, business-focused innovation, and industry expertise. Let our experts show you how to take the innovation leap! Visit us at

Brillio, a leader in digital technology consulting and services, announced today that they have appointed Jennifer N. Harris to their […]

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