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Brillio Named Finalist in The Prestigious 2018 Engage Awards

Brillio Selected Amongst Hundreds of Entries for Best Use of Technology in Employee Engagement

Building on the momentum and global recognition for its OnTheGO app, Brillio was named a finalist in the 2018 Engage Awards for Best Use of Technology in Employee Engagement. The Award is given to the organization that can best demonstrate how technology has advanced employee engagement and contributed to the organization’s performance. The Engage Awards are recognized as one of the technology industry’s most respected acknowledgments and has won the Awards Trust Mark in the United Kingdom.

This recognition for our work is particularly notable for Brillio, as OnTheGO showcases our commitment to drive a superior user experience and recognize that people are at the heart of everything we do – from our customers to our employees. And just as we enable our customers to digitally transform the way they do business, our vision with OnTheGO was to deliver a superior employee experience that leverages digital platforms while also ensuring that business processes are efficient, drive productivity and optimize operational costs.

Since its release, OnTheGO has been enthusiastically adopted by nearly 90% of our employees, and the simple reason for such a high adoption rate is that OnTheGO fits in with their digital and “on the go” lifestyle. Furthermore, since OnTheGO aligns with our “digital first” philosophy and brings the speed that employees are looking for, it has been a key feature that reinforces our organizational vision and entrepreneurial culture of empowering employees.

Highlights of key results we have realized with OnTheGO include:

  • 10-times increase in employee experience between web and app
  • 5-times ROI with USD 45K investment for its development in 2018, conservatively saving over USD 300K
  • 10-times reduction in transaction time – for example with weekly time sheets, reduction in time from 5 to 10 minutes to 5 to 10 seconds, and only 2 seconds to apply “work from home” or leave, which used to take up to 5 minutes
  • Zero on boarding time, as every feature of OnTheGO gives just one message and is intuitive
  • 100% of employees use OnTheGO for planning and regularizing absences
  • 82% of timesheets are now submitted through OnTheGO, reducing follow up and making invoicing faster and more precise
  • 50% of expenses are submitted through OnTheGO, and 65% of those expenses are approved through the app

Read more about OnTheGO awards, the development of OnTheGO and how the app is delivering moments of delight.

The Engage Awards has entrees across 20 categories and hundreds of entries. This year’s awards ceremony will be held on November 12 at Westminster Park Plaza in London.

For more information on Brillio and how we can help you move faster to reach your desired outcomes, visit here.

About Brillio

Brillio is a global digital consulting and technology services company focused on implementation of digital technologies for the world’s leading companies. Brillio uses proprietary methodologies to help customers re-imagine their businesses and competitive advantages and then rapidly develops and deploys disruptive industrial-grade digital solutions using UX design, digital applications, big data analytics, cloud, security and digital engineering. With the March 2018 acquisition of Comity Designs, Brillio has become the Salesforce multi-cloud specialist with a 10/10 CSAT rating from Salesforce customers. The 2,600-strong Brillio team is based in nine offices across three continents and considers world-class customer satisfaction as its true north. To learn more follow us @brillio and visit

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