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Brillio Expands Capability in Big Data Analytics for Asset Intensive Industries with Arundo Investment

Arundo specializes in analytics for complex environments where tons of assets – sensors, equipment – need to be monitored and optimized

Santa Clara, CA. – October 13, 2015 – Brillio, a global technology consulting and business solutions company focused on digital technologies and big data analytics, today announced its investment in and partnership with Arundo, a predictive analytics software company for asset intensive industries.  Arundo leverages deep industry expertise and advanced machine learning technologies to analyze real time data from complex industrial installations such as an oilrig that could have more than 100,000 sensors from 100s of different suppliers.

Asset heavy industries like manufacturing, energy and utilities, oil and gas, and transportation continue to be plagued with cost challenges that primarily result from maintenance and unplanned capacity. With the integration of sensors and other IoT capabilities, there is now an overwhelming amount of data that can be captured from all the assets such as maintenance records and equipment sensor data. However, current IT systems are not geared to handle this volume and type of data and IT organizations in these industries are not fully prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. Further, the large and small equipment and sensor manufacturers continue to have a siloed view of IOT, focused on their own sensors and equipment. Arundo’s team of industry veterans and data technologists have developed a set of advanced analytics products to address this particular challenge in complex industrial environments.

Specifically, the Arundo platform is designed to provide actionable intelligence for reducing operational costs. Using deep understanding of complex industrial environments and by applying big data and predictive analytics techniques, they are able to predict likely failure and other typical scenarios that require actions. This information is presented via easy to use dashboards that allow you to monitor and take action well in advance of a problem resulting in increased efficiency, uptime and revenue. Furthermore, the Arundo platform has industrial grade security built-in including everything from secure data centers to encryption to minimizing the amount of data required for the current workloads.

“This is a significant investment and partnership for Brillio. As we continue to expand our presence in big data analytics, adding deep industry knowledge and capability is paramount to our strategy. We work with a host of Fortune 500 companies and being able to continually add value and bring innovative ideas and approaches to them and other customers is core to our DNA, ” says Raj Mamodia, Brillio CEO. “We are very excited about Arundo and look forward to long partnership with their team of experts.”

We are very happy to have Brillio as an investor and partner for Arundo. Arundo has an ambition to bring the best of big data and advanced analytics to assets intensive industries. Part of our strategy is to have offices in locations that are conducive to our current and future client base including Silicon Valley, Houston, and Oslo.  Brillio will be instrumental for us in the delivery of end-to-end solutions for our industrial customers,” said Tor Jakob Ramsoy, CEO of Arundo Analytics.

About Arundo:

Arundo Analytics, is an advanced big data analytics company focused on asset intensive industries. The Arundo team has deep domain expertise in the oil and gas industry which has been coupled with extensive knowledge and practical experience with big data and machine learning technology. With this combination, Arundo is able to dramatically change the way that data is used to impact business operations for clients with large industrial installations including equipment providers, operators, license holders, and regulators. Visit us at

About Brillio:

Brillio, a global technology consulting and business solutions company, enables the successful transformation of businesses by utilizing emerging technologies to create new customer experiences, achieve cost efficiencies, and gain competitive advantage. This, along with its key technology partnerships and investments in areas such as big data analytics, security, cloud, mobile, and machine learning, delivers innovative processes and solutions that result in significant business impact. Brillio brings business expertise to clients in the Banking and Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment industries and is proud to serve leaders in Fortune 500 from these industries. Visit us at On Facebook at BrillioGlobal. On Twitter @BrillioGlobal

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