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Brillio, an American multinational company, is expanding in Romania. Dragos Stoica, Country Manager: We aim to double our team in the next 6 months and to continue the accelerated growth locally

Source: Ziarul Financiar

Brillio, an American multinational company that entered the market in 2020 by acquiring Cognetik, recruited Dragos Stoica, who has over 14 years of experience working for IBM, as Country Manager, and announced the start of a strong expansion campaign in Romania. 

“Brillio Romania embarked on an expansion campaign on multiple areas, which contributes to the group’s larger goal to become a global leader in digital transformation. Our growth plans for Romania revolve around both our current data engineering, data analytics, and data science capabilities, as well as on areas such as Cloud or Product Development”, said Dragos Stoica. 

Locally, Brillio has offices in Oradea and is planning to open new locations in multiple cities. Brillio Romania is working with multiple clients around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. 

“We aim to make Romania a full-service development center, and the main growth driver for Europe. Romania will become an expansion hub for Brillio’s business in Europe and its European clients. We’ve set an objective to expand into multiple Romanian cities in the next three years. We’re also looking to double our team in Romania in the next 6 months, and to continue the accelerated expansion locally”, added Dragos. 

Brillo is currently hiring in a wide range of roles, including developers, architects, testers, site reliability engineers, or project managers. 

“I am excited to join Brillio Romania. I believe we share common values and, together with our extended team, we can contribute to the accelerated growth of the company. Our company’s values revolve around a performance and innovation culture, which is why we’re targeting as organic growth based on quality. The current market conditions demonstrated we have many opportunities for the future to help our clients move forward in transforming their businesses”, said Dragos Stoica following his appointment as Country Manager. 

Brillio is an IT Tech Services Provider based in Silicon Valley, which employs more than 3,000 people, with offices in the USA, Romania, Canada, Great Britain, and India. The company, whose primary shareholder is the investment fund Bain Capital, offers global digital transformation solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Source: THE ECONOMIC TIMES Please tell us about the brand journey and vision of Brillio? Born in the digital age […]

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