Supercharging Sales And Customer Service Of A Telecom & Hi-Tech Services Major Through A Salesforce Lightning Upgrade

Mayank Mohan • July 19, 2019
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The client is a leader in Telecom and Hi-Tech services industry with operations across the globe and over a million customers. One of their divisions, Business Solutions, helps small and mid-size organizations to set up their IT, business domain, email service, and the whole nine yards required to run a business.

The market for the client’s Business Solutions for SMBs division is crowded with little scope for differentiation in terms of pricing or technology. Three functions within the division are responsible for driving business growth – the partner network, the in-house sales organizations, and the services organization. While the partner network and in-house sales organization get majority of business, the services organization oversees all customer service management.

The client’s sales and customer service teams had been using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud as the platform to deliver insights, ensure smoother workflows, and have a good visibility of their customers, opportunities, and pipelines. However, the sales leadership felt the system was unable to deliver the right kind of insights, often leading to ineffective sales closures. Further, the opportunity visibility and pipeline estimates were often inaccurate. On the customer service side, reps did not have an accurate single view of the customers and their consumption leading to fewer first-call resolutions, inaccurate billing, and in effect, a subpar customer experience.

Brillio’s engagement with the client began with an assessment of their current Salesforce implementation. The client was still on Salesforce Classic, an older version, which was configured with a sub-par design. With Brillio’s Six Dimensional Salesforce Health Assessment Framework, we identified the gaps and inefficiencies in their implementations, and recommended a migration to Salesforce Lightning.

Setting a new standard in Salesforce Lightning migration

Proven Approach Leveraging Brillio Lightning Migration Framework

The SMB markets have very little patience for inefficiencies, and the client had to move quickly – needing the upgrade to be fast and clean. Our Salesforce specialists jumped in first to scope out potential challenges in migration to Lightning, scoped out and design the migration to establish the approach that best suited the client, and then rapidly implement the solution. The team employed our persona-led design approach to capture all internal user scenarios and customer use cases to deliver an accurate and practical design for implementation of Salesforce Lightning. With rapid prototyping, the team showcased the value of Lightning to identified personas in overcoming challenges related to adoption and optimum usage of features. This clinical and structured approach ensured that the Salesforce Lightning Migration was designed and comprehensively executed – from start to finish – within four months.

In upgrading the client’s Salesforce, we added features customized to different personas and their usage preferences to ensure high adoption such as,

  • Role-based features for sales agents for a prioritized list of activities and insights that can boost closure – each Sales Agent got a personalized home screen with pending tasks, his performance vis a vis his peers for this month and latest chatter feed
  • Visual sales console for sales agents to understand the required fields that need to be filled and gave a visual signal of Red-Amber-Green depending on information sufficiency to help them execute processes quickly and accurately
  • A designed Sales Path that helped improve sales agent productivity in the high velocity sales scenario helping them execute sales process efficiently
  • Omnichannel routing coupled with Salesforce Lightning that increased customer satisfaction with better CSAT scores
  • Service Console with relevant components for Service Agents like embedded knowledge with suggestive articles, case and contact information with case history for quick resolution of customer queries
  • A comprehensive set up of knowledgebase in Salesforce Lightning ensuring convenient access of information for sales agents, service executives and the partners

Customers at the center and a highly productive sales org

“Fantastic experience and a true delight working with Brillio. The project team was spot on deliverables and timelines. In addition, the team went above and beyond expectations and accommodate needs. I highly recommend Brillio.”

– Program Sponsor

The implementation ensures the client’s sales and service teams can work as a single cohesive unit. With this upgrade their Salesforce is well-optimized and ready to evolve with upcoming releases and new features. The division resulted in significant gains for their business such as,

  • 10% reduction in the customer attrition
  • 25% rise in the overall customer satisfaction rating
  • 20% increase in sales productivity
  • Insights to make better data-backed decisions

Interested in knowing how Brillio’s Lightning Migration Framework can help optimize your Salesforce? Hear from our Salesforce experts in this on-demand webinar

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