Lightning Migration done right – The approach for maximum Lightning ROI

Mayank Mohan • April 12, 2019
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Lightning Migration delivers 341% ROI along with the improved user-experience, end-user productivity, and efficiency savings.

This was the remarkable statistic in Forrester’s report “The Total Economic Impact of Salesforce Lightning”. Further with Lightning being integral to new and evolving Salesforce offerings, migration from Classic to Lightning migration has been on the must-do list for Salesforce users. Yet, users have been slow to migrate, typically owing to concerns around change management, apprehensions on the actual benefits, or simply, an unclear understanding about how to approach it.

The key to maximizing the value of Lightning is undertaking the approach that suits the organization’s requirement and appetite the best. This blog talks about Brillio’s recommended approach for making the move to Lightning.

Brillio’s Lightning Migration Approach

Our approach is based on two broad outcomes that organizations focus on –

  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Lightning ROI

We have identified four dimensions of migration based on the impact and scope of driving these outcomes –

Technical Migration

At it’s simplest, Classic to Lightning can be a matter of switching on the button and making some minor technical adjustments, such as:

  • Lightning activation
  • Cleaning up org to optimize technical resources

This is the accelerated path to Lightning for a faster time-to-market with out-of-the-box features of Lightning. The ROI, of course, is low compared to the full potential of what a migration can bring.

Improvement in customer experience and ROI: Low-Medium

Application Improvement

There always is scope for optimization of Salesforce implementations. Lightning expands this range of optimization even further. With over 50 signals that can identify the areas of application improvement, migration with this objective helps:

  • Understand your readiness for Lightning
  • Check the utilization of Classic and optimize usage
  • Improve security, code efficiency
  • Replacing old features with new and improved ones

Primarily, it improves the end-user productivity, efficiency, and reduces the dependency on custom features.

Improvement in customer experience and ROI: Medium

Process Enhancement

As against common understanding, Lightning can be more than just update of Classic, or a fancy UI upgrade. While UI is a big part, Lightning enables you to enhance and facilitate processes that can make organizations more customer-centric. Process enhancements can include:

  • Embracing a persona-based approach
  • Building new workflows using minimal customization
  • Improving processes implemented on Classic
  • Aligning processes with business changes

Here is where the real value of Lightning starts to kick in and goes beyond just the efficiencies for the end-user.

Improvement in customer experience and ROI: High

Application Modernization

The move to Lightning is not designed to be just a Lift and Shift project, it is an opportunity for transformation. Migrating with the aim to modernize the Salesforce application involves re-imagining the end-user experience through a user-centric approach. Progressive companies have taken the migration opportunity to reimagine their customer journey and customer experience goals and building with the latest Lightning technology.

This is what gets the holy grail promised by Lightning. This is what helps unlock the 341% ROI and builds a scalable application aligned with the vision of Salesforce.

Improvement in customer experience and ROI: Maximum

Make the move to Lightning with Brillio

Brillio is one of the largest Salesforce partners globally and has been involved in several migration engagements. Our proprietary approach, accelerators, frameworks and team of certified experts help accelerate the move with minimal risk and maximum ROI.

Get an in-depth view of how we help customers migrate to Lightning in the on-demand webinar here or write to us at to discuss the best way for you to make the move.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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