Integrating Design Into The Digital World

Admin • July 17, 2018
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Not so long ago (four months back precisely) I was in deep discussion with the Brillio leadership teams about the markets’ appetite for design-led innovation. It was clear that Brillio was positioning itself to drive design-led solutions as well as push the boundaries of what design can do for their customers and prospects.

I was offered the opportunity to establish a design studio based in San Francisco. The opportunity to set-up and lead a ‘design-led’ digital offering, in Silicon Valley—the cradle of global tech- innovations—clinched it for me.

Today, four months later I head the Design Studio of a firm that aspires to become a design-led organization. It is an exciting challenge! I find enabling the implementation of design principles as a core foundation of how the organization operates, executes, and innovates to drive solutions for customers.

Pivoting through ‘Design’

It’s an exciting place to be! To have the opportunity to establish Brillio’s Silicon Valley creative presence; and, building, and leading an exceptional team of creative minds driving our clients’ creative vision across the cutting edge digital landscape.

At Brillio, different teams with diverse capabilities and backgrounds come together and partner clients to help them forge ahead in their digital transformation journey. And, design is an integral part of all the innovations and solutions that go to market. This means the design team has the opportunity to evangelize how the work we do can integrate with the other businesses when designing and developing digital experiences such as mobile apps, web apps, cutting-edge platforms like smart watches, digital TV, etc. while driving Brillio and its clients to new opportunities, ideas, approaches and perspectives.

Be a Brillian!

This collaborative approach to work with clients is possible due to the unshakeable belief the Brillio leadership has, that we can achieve what we set our minds to. The ‘can do’ culture encourages every employee to be tenacious in their pursuit of growth and success, supports risk-taking and empowers to take the right decisions.

At Brillio, ‘Design Thinking’ is the DNA of the next set of periods of growth. Being part of this exciting growth phase, where we’re ready to pivot the market as a design-led innovation solution organization, is what gets me out of bed every morning. And to be a part of a team which is not only going to impact current and future clients’ success but bring new innovations and solutions to market with the intent to create significant impact.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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