Amazon WorkLink enterprise use cases for diverse industry industry domains.

Sarita Janjani • May 24, 2019
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As one of the exclusive Amazon WorkLink launch partners, Brillio is helping enterprises realize their enterprise mobility objectives securely

If enterprises want to realize success with their digital transformation efforts and build a lasting, trusted brand with customers, they must first empower employees through a best-in-class digital workplace. Put simply, digital transformation requires a company culture of employee engagement and agility through enterprise mobility.

Unfortunately, too many enterprises still rely on a VPN or mobile device management service to give employees access to internal corporate websites and web apps. That means a company’s internal content is not secure, and as experienced by many employees, gaining access can be not only frustrating but also time-consuming…which means wasted time, effort and resources.

At Brillio, we are helping our customers change how they do business by accelerating secure enterprise mobility through the recently launched Managed Service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) called Amazon WorkLink. Amazon WorkLink is a break-through, fully managed service that enables companies to provide employees secure, easy access to internal corporate websites and web apps using their mobile phones. With a team of trained AWS experts and specialists in Amazon WorkLink, Brillio works closely with enterprise clients to enhance workforce mobility, drive accelerated adoption of the WorkLink platform, and further advance scalable digital workspaces for customers across multiple industry sectors.

With Amazon WorkLink, employees can access internal web content as easily as they access any public website, without the hassle of connecting to their corporate network. When a user accesses an internal website, the page is first rendered in a browser running in a secure container in AWS. Amazon WorkLink then sends the contents of that page to employee phones as vector graphics while preserving the functionality and interactivity of the page. This approach is more secure than traditional solutions because internal content is never stored or cached by the browser on employee phones, and employee devices never connect directly to the corporate network.

Without a doubt, Amazon WorkLink is a ground-breaking service that gives companies a secure, easy way to deliver internal corporate websites and apps to employees through their mobile devices, improving productivity and security for users on the go. We are excited to empower our customers to embrace a BYOD culture by making the most of Amazon WorkLink within their IT ecosystem. Brillio’s transformative solutions leverage Amazon WorkLink to provide a gateway for building digital workspaces of the future.

To explore more on how Brillio, an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), can accelerate your digital transformation, contact us here.

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