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Brillio • August 05, 2019
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Mayank Pant, Managing Partner of Brillio, and Kailem Anderson, VP of Portfolio and Engineering for Blue Planet (a division of Ciena), share insights on the need for an end-to-end hybrid cloud and network automation solution that will support your digital transformation initiatives

It’s no surprise that all things cloud has had a positive effect on our enterprise clients, and enabled business transformation through new business models, new revenue and new growth channels, and against this backdrop, cloud adoption and spending, continues to grow.

Despite widespread adoption of cloud constructs, enterprises need help with ongoing hybrid network operations as well as aligning cloud adoption to their growth strategy to maximize the potential business benefits. There is often a skills gap, as well as a personnel shortage as resources are stretched to keep the lights on for current IT / Ops, and can’t be singularly dedicated to migration efforts. The continuously evolving and improving technology landscape makes it even more difficult to keep up with the latest advances, and even the best equipped enterprises need trusted advisors to help them plan and manage aspects of the migration.

Additionally, the migration process itself  presents unprecedented challenges. Very often clients suggest they encountered unanticipated difficulties because they were relying on tactical tools that each support just one aspect of cloud migration, but fail to address broader issues, or were not integrated with other tools to support the broader migration effort. In fact, enterprises tend to have a lot of point products when what they need was a comprehensive and holistic solution that address application, service and network processes in a single go.

From an organizational perspective, cloud adoption is largely considered an only IT and application team initiative, leaving the network team often disconnected from the effort.  In fact, the use of different network tools and databases, an over-reliance on manually driven processes fragments operations into application-specific, cloud specific, service specific and network specific views thereby increasing costs, risks, and challenges in achieve business goals.

CLIP CONNECT – A Brillio – Blue Planet joint solution

CLIP Connect offers a holistic cloud migration and network automation solution with end-to-end visibility, comprehensive reporting, and analytics collection, all managed from a single UI and a common database.  The solution integrates control, management and visibility across the applications and the network infrastructure, enabling app-to-network correlation that speeds fault resolution, and includes closed-loop automation for non-stop availability and business continuity.   Most importantly, the solution provides customers a pragmatic cloud migration and hybrid network operation solution that has measurable–and meaningful–business outcomes.

The key business-focused benefits —

  1. End to end Visibility – Complete application and network visibility that leverages a real-time asset inventory —eliminating stale data from offline spreadsheets and visio’s. This up-to-date information, together with embedded tools like path trace, support advanced reports on capacity utilization, service and support compliance, and service management, as well as executive dashboards with business metrics and service level KPIs.
  2. Intelligent Workload Migration – Intelligent Workload services automate and monitor workload, infrastructure and network / security migration from a single console. This reduces errors and maintains the networks security posture of the network as workloads are migrated to the cloud.
  3. Service Assurance – Service Assurance that ensures the network is running at optimum performance level, including troubleshooting tools that feature DVR capabilities to speed fault isolation.
  4. Self Healing Capabilities – Intent based automated recovery implements corrective actions rapidly, accurately and without staff intervention, and supports predictive analytics that ensures potential issues are corrected before they become service affecting problems.

In our next blog, we will share additional insights into our End-to-End Visibility features, which together with our services provide enterprises with a comprehensive view of IT assets including network infrastructure, cloud resources, and business applications.

In the meantime, we encourage you to attend our upcoming webinar on End-to-End Hybrid Cloud and Network Automation, where we will explain our solution and enabling technology in greater detail.

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