Design Thinking And Building Right With Brillio ONE

Sridhar Krishnamurthy • February 12, 2019
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Successfully solving a customer’s problem is not a siloed approach, especially when we’re talking about digital transformation. The right approach is not about leveraging newer technology platforms and paradigms or focusing on just one perceived problem. Rather, it means we are bringing together many different capabilities and providing customers with an integrated and orchestrated way to solve the right problems and create the right solutions – or, as we refer to it, building right with Brillio ONE™.

At the heart of the Brillio ONE approach is design thinking, and much like digital transformation, design thinking will not succeed if applied in an isolated manner. And when bringing together the two, we must have alignment in a number of key business factors, such as the objectives and identifying the opportunities.

For instance, let’s look at some of the most important aspects to be addressed by us – the providers of digital technology consulting and solutions – and our customers, and how an integrated approach can lead to a winning outcome for everyone:

1 – Finding the right problem
Customers come to us to solve their problems, but we need to ask ourselves, beyond the obvious, what’s the right problem that really needs to be addressed? We have to unlock the end customer’s experience, re-evaluate how we deliver value and have empathy for the customer. The need to understand the end customer, craft their journey and challenge the status quo are crucial steps in identifying the right problem to solve.

2 – Bringing together the right team
We need to bring together multi-disciplined, cross-functional and empowered teams who are not just focusing on building to specifications. We can no longer work by limited timelines where we sign on for a project, know the scope and then deliver a solution. Instead, we need teams to have a product mindset, who can look at the customer’s situation from many perspectives – from engineering to business value – and understand the whole road map to improve the customer’s experience and provide the right solution. And it has to be delivered at speed!

3 – Implementing scaled agile
How can we orchestrate so many moving parts, while ensuring that each team is focused on delivering real value? How can we successfully bring in next generation development into the process? How can we implement the right strategy to add value instead of wasting valuable resources?

At Brillio, we are doing this by looking at problems differently, focusing on the customer and delivering experiences that are both great and relevant. Case in point – Brillio ONE, our engagement model that is focused on the customer experience, speed, intelligence and delivering value. We do this by:

  • Our design thinking based frameworks and accelerators like Brillio PathFinder™ help to strategize people centric needs and business centric outcomes. We work with our customers to identify the right problem to solve and build the roadmap for maximum value. We discover the experience objectives with Brillio XO™ to deliver creative outcomes and build an engaging journey for our customers. Our approach creates innovative solutions and ensures a smooth hand off from design to engineering, aligning the vision with business objectives to drive the return on CX.
  • Having the right team to implement the product roadmap is the first step towards successful execution. That’s why we created Brillio ONE Squads™  self-sustainable pods with multiple disciplines and cross-functional capabilities. These teams deliver incremental value, and they do not just “do agile” but are agile. 
  • Brillio ONE™  Agile execution model is focused on truly maximizing the output of each sprint and incremental development of the product with multiple customer feedback opportunities. The integrated approach of Agile and DevOps helps reduce the operational waste in each sprint, thereby increasing the throughput. Our MVP approach is not just focused on the functional viability of the product, but also, from an end user experience that is relevant. 
  • With the Brillio ONE Engagement Index, we provide transparency and insights to drive the measures that make a difference and showcase value. From execution excellence and automation to governance and stakeholder alignment, we focus intently on the user, technology and analytics to align business outcomes and continuously design to improve. 

For more information on Brillio and how we can help you move faster to reach your desired outcomes, visit here.

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